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Four Reasons Why Even the Best SEO Company Fails

One of the popular conceptions about SEO is that it’s an easy-to-enter market. However, this statement is both true and false because doing basic SEO can be easy, but ensuring consistency in every aspect of optimization in the long-run can be really difficult. Therefore, the explanation of “easy entry in the market” is actually an indirect reason why even the best search engine optimization company fails.

Nevertheless, this blog post explains the factual reasons why they normally fail.

  1.   They Concentrate on the Technical Aspect of SEO – In truth, only 20% of the whole search engine optimization is technical. The remaining 80% is content strategy. It used to be the opposite, but not anymore. Hence, SEO companies should center their campaigns on developing a good content strategy. Although the technical aspect is still very much needed, they should not invest all their efforts on it.
  2.   They Target Lots of Key Phrases – Really, some SEO companies are puzzling Google by targeting loads of key phrases in a single page. As much as possible, they should only target about one to three key phrases. Avoid targeting 10 key phrases that are not interconnected with each other. An example of good key phrases would be “Houston cabinets” and “Houston cabinet repairs”.
  3.   They Don’t Brainstorm – One of the regular habits of thriving SEO companies today is that they brainstorm internally. Keep in mind that two heads are always better than one. Meet your clients more often to discuss content schemes that could help them have the best seo strategy.
  4.   They Focus on Optimizing a Website, Not Web Pages – Google ranks web pages, not websites. One of the biggest mistakes of SEO companies is that they focus too much on ranking a website. Instead, they should be discussing how to rank the site’s pages, particularly the landing pages.


It is easy to get into the SEO industry. The catch, however, is that it is really difficult to stay. Thus, learn from the past experience of the best seo company if you don’t want yours to end up as another failure.

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