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Four Deadly Sins in Web Graphic Design

A website’s design in today’s standards is more than just about the visual appeal. More importantly, it is about the website’s function and usability. If the web graphic design is beautiful but makes the visitors leave because they can’t smoothly navigate the site, then it somehow fails to do its core purpose. To avoid doing the same mistakes, provided below are some of the deadly mistakes you should avoid when designing your website.

  1.   Disabling the Back Button – Back then, some developers have found a way to crack a browser’s back button and use it to their advantage. Once the users click on it, they will get redirected to an undesired web location. Today, some browsers simply deactivate this button or pops up a new window to override the existing screen page. Therefore, do not attempt doing this tactic for it will only provide a negative user experience for your visitors.
  2.   Failure to Place Contact Information – Believe it or not, some websites that sell a product or service still fail to place pertinent contact information such as phone number, physical office location, or email address. This information is important in two ways. Firstly, it will allow your customers to reach your for further inquiries, and secondly, placing this information is a sign that your business is legitimate. As a result, your visitors would feel more comfortable doing business with you.
  3.   Broken Links – Although this is beyond the usual task of a website design firm, you must always ensure that all your hyperlinks are working correctly. Do not risk your visitors by redirecting them into blank or wrong pages. Run a test every week to see if your website contains broken links.
  4.   Poor Navigation – One greatest mistakes in web designing and developing is to keep visitors hanging while navigating the website. If they do not know what to do after browsing a couple of your pages, then they are likely to leave your site. To avoid this, include an easy-to-find navigation panel for your visitors to check out the pages they want to visit.

Always keep in mind that your website should not only be visually-appealing, but more importantly, should also be able to execute its primary function- to convert visitors into actual sales. If you are planning to hire a website design service in the future, make sure to discuss the above-mentioned errors so your website would not experience any user-experience problem once it is live.

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