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Five Marketing Tactics to Enhance your Current Search Engine Marketing Solution

With regards to winning customers, dozens of enterprises are not certain which search engine marketing solution and maneuvers they should utilize to fill their sales funnel. A lead generation campaign is only considered successful if it meets certain criteria such as:

1.    It yields decent number of qualified leads for the business;

2.    It facilitates reaching the target audience and customers effectively;

3.    It comprehensively tracks the number of leads you acquire; and

4.    It assesses the costs and return of investment.

There are five marketing tactics that conform to these criteria. Because these maneuvers are already proven to produce big numbers of actionable leads, incorporating them into your SEM campaign would be truly heady.

Social Media Advertising

Utilize banner ads to target users in Twitter (through Promoted Tweets), LinkedIn, and Facebook (Suggested Page/Post). This is indeed effective because for instance, a “wedding gown and apparel” advertisement would appear on the Facebook pages of users who are “engaged” in their relationship status.

Display Ads / Banner Ads

Currently, this is the most popular form of digital marketing. These ads are utilized in websites that are regularly visited by the ad’s target audience. Consequently, these ads are mainly used to generate leads. In addition, marketers are now acquiring high response rates with interactive advertisements on mobile devices.

Cold Calling

For business-to-business (B2B) marketing, this is one of the most effective call center services in order to sell services or products to other enterprises. In cold calling, you make use of a directed call list of clients (like business executives) who might need your services or products.

Email Marketing

Although a lot of companies are loath to try this tactic because they are afraid that their marketing emails will be mistaken for spam, email marketing is still a very effective lead-generation maneuver online. In order to avoid the spam problem, businesses should utilize permission-based and targeted mailing lists while following the 2003 CAN-SPAM Act guidelines. Also, these ensure that your marketing emails would get through to your target clients.

Direct Mail

If you have a complex product or service that needs to be explained in detail, this can be a great tactic. In fact, you can effectively disseminate your marketing collateral through this method. The downside, however, is that it’s a costly tactic. Therefore, use it only if you are marketing something that could provide higher return of investment.


If you want to integrate these tactics into your marketing campaign today, it is highly advisable to seek the expert assistance of a professional firm that offers a gamut of online and brick-and-mortar marketing solutions from web designs, to marketing collaterals, to web development services.

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