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Facebook to Rearrange Notification Buttons

Facebook_Live Video Feature


Last year, Facebook released its live video option to compete with its rival platform Periscope, which is run by Twitter. To emphasize its commitment in advancing this feature, Facebook is set to place it a notch higher.

In an effort to widen the social network’s audience who are watching and creating live videos, Facebook announced that it will rearrange the notification panel on its mobile apps.

It is their goal to turn their live video feature into a preeminent attraction because of the increasing number of people who use their smartphones to share and record snippets of their everyday lives. For this reason, they will be moving the button to their Messenger service to highlight the video button on the notification panel.

Once the users press it, it will display a list of live streams from their friends. A separate section of live streams that are available for users worldwide will also be available.

Additional Features

  • Filters – To adjust the right temperature of the live video
  • Reactions – Watchers can express more emotions/reactions to a live video

Who Can Maximize This Feature?

Everyone! From normal people who want to share their daily adventures, to news agencies that cover breaking news, to musicians who want to share their live performances, and many more.

When’s The Update?

The expected update, both on Android and Apple, will be rolled out in stages and will take a couple of weeks to complete.

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