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Elements of an Image Tag: What You Ought to Know about Alternative Attributes

Your search engine optimization specialists in Wichita, Kansas may have told you about “alt tags.” But, what really are these and how can they be of benefit to your online campaign?

Book Definition

“Alt tag” is an abbreviated name for “alternative attributes of an image tag.” In application, an alt tag acts as a modifier that gives descriptive information about the image that is being inserted in an image tag within an HTML code page. They play a crucial role because search engines crawl the descriptive definition to determine the nature of the image, because search engines cannot read images. As a result, search engines can effectively crawl and navigate your entire website, plus the images within.

Elements of Image Tag

Apart from the alt attribute itself (the description), there are other elements included in an image tag such as:

  • Dimension Attributes – these attributes define the height and width at which the chosen image will be displayed
  • SCR Attribute – distinguishes which image file is to be displayed
  • IMG Tag – showcases the image/s on the page

So technically speaking, “alt tags” are not actually tags; rather, these are attributes! Claiming one as a tag is like pointing to a motorbike and calling it a car. Nonetheless, we are all aware that both are under the same category which is “vehicle.”

They are Not a Good Replacement for Texts

In contrast to popular notion, alt attributes are not a good replacement for textual content in the page. As a matter of fact, no other page element can replace rich and quality content. If your own search engine optimization strategy is primarily based on displaying images with no descriptive content at all, then anticipate that this web page would have a hard time gaining good rankings in search engines.

Alt Attributes are not for SEO Purposes Only

Even though alt attributes can be used to bolster the page’s ranking, they must not be confined within the SEO field only. Always remember that alt attributes are created originally to enhance the accessibility of your website (e.g. for those who are visually impaired).

However, Not All Images Require Alt Attributes

As mentioned earlier, images need descriptive information for search engine’s crawling. However, not all images need this attribute. If your website makes use of lines, spaces, bullets, and other images that are used for ornamentation purposes only, creating alt attributes is not required. If you are unsure which images need alt attributes, consider their descriptive and navigational values first to determine if they require one.

If you need professional help in writing and/or revamping your current alt attributes, don’t hesitate to call a seasoned Wichita search engines marketing company.

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