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Effectively Marketing the NewEra of Brand Development Online

In today’s world where smart devices are mass-produced and designed to connect on the internet, a consumer’s preferences drastically changed. The old Brand development you know just isn’t applicable anymore.

Since Google owns the lion’s share when it comes to search traffic, voice query was born changing a consumer’s traditional behavior in decision-making in comparing, finding what,
where and when to buy a product or a service. This has made the saying” The ultimate goal for every brand out there is to be on par with the giant corporations’ extreme dominance inbranding!” – Not applicable anymore. The reason: the World Wide Web is the central meeting point of all data, information, advertisements – everything worldwide!

How does that affect your branding strategy? So much “everything” is uploaded online every day to the point where your brand’s chance of getting noticed (SERP visibility -wise) is second to none. If your business appears on page three or four, then the probability that customers will find you is greatly reduced. The worse case, you are perceived as less-effective than your competitors appearing on page one (even if you are better!).

That’s where SEO Marketing comes in. It is an effective internet marketing strategy (provided you’ve hired the right search engine marketing firm for your brand) applicable to almost all websites, search engines, blogs – basically any legally “optimize-able” pages.

If you’re confused as to what SEO means, you can check my recent blog post here <Ultimate search engine marketing and optimization formula>.

Now what do these marketing firms do?

Of course it involves search engines; let’s make Google as an example. Google promotes pages it thinks are authority pages to the top of its rankings. It’s their job to create authority pages. In simple terms SEO marketing involves writing pages that use keywords, and securing links from other pages to show how important your page is to other websites. Links are votes and votes get you elected to page 1 and so is your business. If I were you I’d hire them!

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