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Ecommerce Websites: Trends Last Year, Norms Today

As predicted last year, the web design jobs in Virginia Beach, Virginia that concentrate on creating a responsive and mobile-friendly ecommerce website were not a competitive advantage anymore for business website owners because it became a necessity for doing business online. In fact, this shift in the industry of web design has greatly affected how B2B (business-to-business) websites are designed today.

Generally speaking, the mobile design of an ecommerce store is ceaselessly becoming a crucial factor for it also influence the whole website design. Because of this, here are some of the “web design trends” of yesterday that are evidently becoming a norm today in ecommerce web design:

#1: Menu Button That Is Hidden

More and more ecommerce platforms nowadays chose to hide their menu button in the form of a “hamburger menu”. This is called hamburger menu simply because of its three horizontal lines appearance which resembles a hamburger. This menu will showcase all the categories only if the visitors click on it. So basically, it saves a lot of important space while maintaining the functionality of the ecommerce store. This trend is

#2: Responsive Design Especially for Large Screens

We all know the fact that having a responsive design is a must in today’s ecommerce landscape. This trend has been reinforced by the existence of devices such as gaming consoles, smart TVs, and others with high-definition resolution that are being used to access the internet. Because of this, having a responsive design is continuously becoming a norm in order to cater the customers who are using these devices in making a purchase.

#3: Big yet Flexible Typography

In the field of web graphic design, particularly in terms of responsive design, more and more designers are adopting the use of big and flexible typography. Gone are days of utilizing the fonts for ornamentation purposes only because it is also being used today to improve the ecommerce store’s usability.

#4: Obtrusive Images

Although the response and loading time of an ecommerce website is a crucial aspect to consider, some developers and designers still choose to have obtrusive images simply because of the improved responsive design techniques; not to mention the adaptive images to compensate for the speed. Without a doubt, these attention-grabbing images can immensely help an ecommerce platform not only to pull in more customers, but also to sell more services or products.

#5: Video as Content

In selling and marketing a service or product, a comprehensive yet detailed video can definitely hook in consumers. Hence, more and more ecommerce websites are making video content in their product page, YouTube channels, as well as blog sites.

If you want to set-up or maintain your thriving ecommerce website, you can always turn to professional web developing companies that offer a gamut of services such as web design in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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