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Early Blog Birds Get The Online Search Engine Optimization Worm

It’s the end of your shift and you have to decide: Will you post your latest blog entry now or wait the next day to publish it? The answer varies depending on every brand’s target audience. KISSmetrics (a web development solutions platform that focuses on customer analytics) provided some data confirming that marketers get the most audience by distributing online content in the morning.

To begin with, 70 percent of internet users prefer reading blogs early in the morning. But that doesn’t imply that they’re not reading blog posts at other times of the day, it just indicates that marketers that post in the morning have the biggest blog reads.

It’s obvious that an average blog gets the most visitors mostly during 11 a.m. Blog posts have a tendency of gaining the majority of inbound links (70 percent of web surfers read blogs) first thing in the morning as the data revealed.

This data should not be considered as basis for now, since it’s still on its early stage

Each and every site feature different audiences. You should consider factors such as:

Time zones of your audiences

Pay attention to agile reporting

Respond to breaking-news-publishing sites

Monitor the hottest trends via Google Trends and Yahoo! News

Design-wise, you need to have a user and SEO friendly custom web design

KISSmetrics presented evidence that posting early in the morning doesn’t need to be consistent. Blogs can get the same effect by publishing highly searched topics daily. Sites that publish more content daily obtain a considerable amount of unique views compared to domains that produce low volumes of collateral.

There are certain benefits to consistent corporate blogging no matter what the timing is. About 43 percent of search engine marketing campaign managers claimed that they gained customers with the help of their web content last year, according to Hubspot’s report. Brands should learn how to captivate audiences, and surely they’ll find it easier to increase their audiences and of course drive even more conversions this year.

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