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E-commerce Trends that are Making Noise this 2015!

New York-based e-commerce merchants firmly believe that 2014 was a good year for the e-commerce industry. All around the globe, a total gross of $1.3 trillion worth of sales has been recorded. On top of that, the number of people in United States who opt to buy products online is constantly increasing. Nevertheless, professional companies that provide e-commerce solution in New York City, New York expect this remarkable development to get even better this 2015.

To support this growth, a lot of e-commerce merchants and companies in New York are centering their efforts on enhancing the overall customer experience to drive more support and sales.

In detail, here are five trends that are currently making noise in the e-commerce industry:

#1: Responsive Design Implementation

A whopping 66% of all the time spent on e-commerce websites came from different mobile devices, and six out of ten customers immediately leave a site if it is not mobile-friendly. With this data, optimizing the user experience across different devices and screen size is becoming a top priority. It is no secret that having a responsive design layout could greatly increase traffic, improve client satisfaction, as well as better conversion rates.

#2: Apple Pay

Last year, Apple launched its payment system for brick-and-mortar establishments. However this year, the company has been seen establishing partnerships with online service providers which indicate their long-term plan not only for brick-and-mortar stores. If Apple Pay enters the e-commerce industry, this will be a genuine game changer for both the clients and the merchants.

#3: Content + Commerce

This 2015, a lot of e-commerce websites will often combine content and commerce in order to provide shoppers with more reasons to come back. Besides, content will also do wonders in overall website development in New York such as SEO, branding and marketing.

#4: Focus on Video

Cisco predicts that by 2017, 69% of all internet traffic from consumers will be centered on videos. As online shoppers seek responsive layouts and grow more responsive to visual presentation, video will surely become a crucial asset in sharing content.

#5: Total Remarketing

The growth of mobile has paved the way for catering the “always on” clients. Merchants can now reach their existing and target shoppers whenever and wherever they are. In addition, the dominance of Facebook in the social media marketing realm has made it really easy for retailers to market their business on off-site audience. For this reason, the power of Facebook in terms of ROI (Return of Investment) will bolster this 2015.

As you can see, most e-commerce trends this 2015 are centered on improving the customer experience. If you need professional help in executing these trends, you can always hire an expert company that provides holistic web development services from web design, to SEO, to hosting and maintenance in New York City.

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