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Do’s and Don’ts in Contemporary SEO Marketing

Although typical internet surfers don’t realize it, Google and other major search engines constantly update their algorithms hundreds of times annually. However, among these hundreds of modifications, only one or two major updates compel SEO marketing people to wholly adjust their strategies. Needless to say, websites that fail to comply with Google’s rules experience penalties.

Luckily, by paying attention to these changes in industry, online marketers and SEO practitioners have noticed some tactics and patterns that search engines look favorably. Provided below are some of the most influential strategies, as well as some practices that you should avoid in marketing your business online.


  1.   Think of Something New – When writing content, think of something that hasn’t been talked by others within your niche. Take the initiative to create and develop topics using a fresher perspective. Keep in mind that Google always devalue content that appears in multiple websites already.
  2.   Make Your Brand Useful – Always remember that searchers use the internet to find more information that will help them make a purchasing decision. Therefore, your content should meet this need in every way possible. Place yourself in their shoes so you would know the things they were looking for when they browse the internet.
  3.   Make Your Website Customer-Centered – Drop the “all me” perspective in drafting your search engine marketing campaign. Rather, reach out to your target customers by making your website user-friendly. Promptly answer their queries, respond to their suggestions, and make your brand approachable. In this way, customers will feel more comfortable making business with your brand.


  1.   Tune Out Shady Tactics – Always remember that these tricks would never work in the long-run. There are no short-cuts to long-term success. Therefore, avoid duplicating the content of others, don’t spin your own articles countless times just to acquire links, and don’t stuff your target your keywords to your content.
  2.   Don’t Use Link Schemes – Links schemes are maneuvers to acquire unnatural links, either traded or bought, to instantly increase a website’s reputation. However, Google would always discover schemes like these so don’t bother doing them if you truly value your website.

Final Words

It is always better to stick with the practices that naturally boost your website’s ranking and reputation. Hence, only acquire search engine marketing services that Google and other search engines deem attuned with their rules and standards.

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