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Don’t Get Scammed – Common SEO Gimmicks to Entice You

Getting a good search engine marketing firm has always been more of an odious deal, because there’s an assortment of companies out there with lucrative offers that could make your wildest dreams come true—to be the top website in the results page of search engines. But statistically speaking, this is very hard to achieve and could take years for it to even work. That’s why when some “SEO Expert” offers you this, it must surely be a scam. But wait, that isn’t the only warning sign you should take into consideration to know whether an SEO company is indeed a scam.

1. Free Trials

Some scam SEO companies offer something like a 15-day or 30-day trial period for their services, and of course a lot of new companies and businesses fall victim to this. After all, a free search engine marketing campaign for even just a month is already a huge boost, right? But actually, this is a plot to get your personal information and other business details
which will compromise your entire business. Most good SEO companies may offer one or two odd services for free, but if the entire service is supposedly free, that should already ring a bell. A warning bell, that is.

2. Claims of Great Connections

A lot of SEO firms actually claim to have inside guys in top search engine companies like Google, and most of the time, this “contact” is just fictional, aimed at enticing you with the reputation this search engine giant enjoys. Also, even if they DO know someone inside Google, they won’t be able to get any speck of information on the company’s internal workings simply because of the fact that all employees have signed confidentiality agreements, which would lead to termination and even possible criminal prosecution.


Good companies offering online search engine optimization never rely on “inside contacts”, because they can definitely optimize your website without having to rely on any kind of cheat sheet. Instead, they strive hard, communicate with you effectively, answer your questions and give you solid, progressive plans that would optimize your website’s content so you can have a better search engine presence. It might not sound that grand,
but it’s certainly possible.

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