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Don’t be a Victim: Do Backlink Audits Regularly!

Ever since the Penguin Update in 2012, it was believed that executing a negative SEO attack has been made easier due to the stringent punishments carried out by this algorithm update. Basically, negative SEO will use hundreds (or even thousands!) of spam links to a target website, which harms its search engine marketing and optimization strategies. The direct effect of this is diminished presence to organic search results at the very least. In worse cases, Google even removes the website from its index, ceasing all of the website’s traffic at once.

Addressing this problem, Google implemented its disavow links tool, which allowed webmasters a means to remove these dangerous links to protect their websites from negative SEO attacks. Sadly, these people only act once the damage has been done—the only time they check their backlink profile is in the aftermath of its damage, which makes the entire search engine marketing campaign strategies quite pointless. That’s why it’s very important to make a regular backlink audit, which could be as important as other SEO tactics like keyword research, page optimization and link building. Webmasters should always check their profile and look for low-quality links, which would give them the chance to disavow them before they do any form of damage.

Backlink auditing is pretty simple: Just get the backlinks from the Google Webmaster account or other backlink tools and see the links associated to the website. If there are any risky or suspicious links, just disavow them using the Disavow tool. It’s always important to gain more page authority with a strong backlink profile, since Google and other search engines penalize websites with lots of spam links, thinking that they’re using “black-hat” SEO tactics to work their way to the top of the results page. That’s why, having a backlink audit is as important as other online search engine optimization strategies out there, to ensure that good SEO strategies will have their maximum effect, allowing you to climb to the top in the most ethical way possible.

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