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Doing Website Development the Right Way

Normally, the design of the website is the first thing that people notice upon visiting. Because you surely want to leave a good first impression, you want to make sure that your designers and website developers are doing their jobs so that your visitors don’t leave as soon as they land on your website. For this reason, this blog post lists down some tips on how to do website development the right way.

Double Check Browser Compatibility

One of the essential things to consider while designing and developing a website is browser compatibility. What you see in front of your computer might not always be what other people see on theirs. So in order to successfully cater the needs of your target audience, make certain that your website is compatible with all prominent browsers.

Mix and Match Visual Elements

We are not in the 90s anymore so don’t make your website a text-heavy one. As much as possible, post images and videos to make your website more visually-appealing and engaging to visitors. In addition, these visual elements would make your pages “sticky”, thus, lowering your bounce rate.

Don’t Use Frames

Although frames are important to keep your design lovely, they would affect your SEO negatively. This is because any content contained within the frame is not indexed by search engine’s spiders. If major search engines can’t see some of your content, perhaps some key information, then your ranking is bound to doom. In the long run, this will definitely hinder visitors especially those who are using search engines.

Provide Free Newsletter or Company Magazine

Another important thing to do in website development is to allow your visitors sign up for your newsletter or company magazine. Regular newsletters help your website attract repeat visitors, and it also increases the loyalty of your existing customers. Just make sure to deliver newsletters to those who only requested it.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, design plays a substantial part in your website’s first impression. This alone can find out whether visitors would stick on or leave the page. Aside from these four tips, make sure to also choose a fast and reliable website hosting provider so your website can deliver the best user experience.

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