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Dedicated vs. Virtual Private Servers: Which Is Better for Detroit-based Business Websites?

There are myriad of options available when it comes to a decent website hosting in Detroit, Michigan. Two of the most popular hosting solutions in the city include dedicated servers and virtual private server (VPS). Of course, your decision of which to choose should depend on your project. Nevertheless, provided below are the reasons why you should go for a dedicated server over a VPS.

  1. Better Security – Even though virtualization platforms are toughened at the hypervisor level, not all hosting solutions have the same level of security. Still, these platforms are an environment. This means that you are sharing it with many others, maybe thousands of other clients. So the only means to ensure that your data is completely secured and isolated from your “neighbors” is through a dedicated server.
  1. More Reliable Performance – One of the issues you might come across with a VPS server is performance inconsistency. In fact, if you try benchmarking a VPS solution at various times within a day under the same traffic conditions, you may also obtain varying results. Some Detroit web hosting and maintenance providers might permit surging your apportioned CPU usage, but this is not an assurance that you will get the extra CPU power when you really need it. With a dedicated server, however, you are entitled full access to all CPU resources.
  1. More Options for Personalization – Providers of VPS option usually offer prepackaged and fixed configurations, leaving no room for upgrade. But if you choose a dedicated server, you can upgrade your server along the way without reinstalling your entire system. It’s a more flexible option, to say the least.
  1. Easy to Use and Convenient to Manage – Some web hosting providers offer dedicated hosting solutions that come with custom-built and exclusive control center, allowing easier control over the network configurations and server hardware.
  1. Same Price, More Value – Cost will always be an essential factor when selecting a hosting solution. Even so, value is even more important. If you are to notice, the prices between dedicated server and most VPS offers in the market do not have substantial difference. However, there is a big difference in the value delivered, considering the features and flexibility you can get from a dedicated server.

These are just a few of the benefits of a dedicated server over a VPS. So, if you are certain to take your website in a dedicated server, better hire a professional web hosting company in Detroit, MI for better assistance and support.

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