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Content Elements for SEO Success

When it comes to search engine optimization, one phrase sums it all up: Content is King. It is content that drives the search engine optimization world. As such, there are what is known as content elements that determine the success or failure of an SEO process.

1. Content quality. As with everything, quality is an element that should not be skimped over. To keep track if the content is quality or not, here are a few guide questions to answer:

• Does the content give reason to users to spend time reading the content of the pages?

• Does the content offer value or substance to users? Is it different, unique, and useful?

If the answers are yes, then the content is on the right track and shows promise of quality.

2. Content Research. This is also known as keyword research where the discovery of the specifics of how people are searching for that content is crucial. The keywords that resulted from the research can be used in the fabrication of the content. The more relevant the content to the keyword, the more often it will appear in the generated search list of search engines.

3.Content Words. This is more of the application of the content research. As said earlier, for the search engines to find your webpage, its content must be relevant to the search query. So using the specific keywords in content will determine its search-ability in the text-based algorithms of search engines. There isn’t a specific keyword density in the equation so the tip would be to integrate the keywords in the most natural way possible.

4. Content Engagement. Here, engagement refers to the detectable and meaningful interactions users have whilst on a website. The content must engage users so that they stay a substantial amount of time on the site and not bounce out of it within a few seconds. Social gestures (i.e comments, shares, and “like”) are also measured in seo.

5. Content freshness. This freshness means that the content should not be stale and should be updated regularly to keep interest amongst users.

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