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Content, Content, Content! How Quality Answers get Quality Results

Silver Connect Web Design is an experienced, reliable and expert web design and development company that offers great workmanship in building visually and technically outstanding websites, all at extremely affordable rates. We consist of a committed, creative and multi-talented team that is capable of delivering leading solutions for all your web development needs from SEO to website hosting and maintenance.

Here’s one thing most search engine optimization-enthusiasts tend to forget: the primary role of a website and/or webpage is to effectively and efficiently answer their target market’s questions. For example—an auto-mechanic in the city of Tulsa in Oklahoma will have to find ways he or she can fully provide for the demands and needs of car owners, who are residing in Tulsa, that are in need of repair and/or automobile renovation. This ‘providing’ comes in the form of quality online content—such as easy-to-access landing pages offering relevant services and various answers to related questions. Excellent SERP ranking and online presence is achieved most often by webpages that contain great content, rather than webpages that are highly technically-optimized. In a sense, content beats code!

With the ushering of the New Year, major search engines like Google are bound to have many tweaks and configurations to their ranking algorithms. It’s incredibly important to stay on top of news and updates with a collection of expert websites. Some quality sources are: Moz, and Webmaster World. You also have our leading solutions, along with our very own SC headlines blog page, to help you stay abreast of the latest updates and developments regarding SEO.

But like most practices, it’s also important to always remember the basics. The reason why search engines were developed in the first place, way before all the widgets, paid results, ads, and various whatnots, was to cater to the queries and needs of the searchers in a convenient and efficient manner. This is exactly why Google is the #1 search engine to most, it has the ability to quickly deliver the most relevant answers to searcher questions 99% of the time. This is also exactly how you can get your website/webpage ranked. Remember: in a sense, content beats code.

You’ve probably gotten it by now, that quality content is key to high rankings. But how exactly do you create quality content? In simple words: put in the extra work in content creation and curation, and think from the perspective of the search engine user.

First off. About content creation and curation. A few notable articles have popped up in the past saying that search engine algorithms, particularly those of Google, prefer articles with lengthier copies. It’s sad today to see webpages create lengthy content for length’s sake. Listen up people, the reason why Google gives more juice to webpages that have longer content is because it supposes that that content is highly-detailed and can provide the searcher with effective answers on their topic in question. Actually, ‘longer’ is a word most experts and SEO gurus would hesitate to use. ‘Detailed’ is a better word. ‘Longer’ can imply spammy, repetitive, fluffed-up content. ‘Detailed’ is good. It answers searcher questions with depth and range, and provides them with additional resources to learn more about the topic. This is ideal. Why? Because great content effectively answers searcher questions.

Second is to think from the perspective of the searcher. You’ve got to find your niche—you’ve got to figure out the specific audience or target market you’d like to cater to, and then hit them hard and consistently. Not literally—of course. How does one do this? Two ways. First is through keyword search. Keyword search is extremely important in order to figure out exactly what your market is looking for. Spend lots of your time doing this, as this gives you the extra edge against your competitors. Second way is common sense. Just have a sit-down with your team (or by yourself, if that’s how you prefer to work) and think about “Who is the user?” “What kind of content should I make?” and “What platform will I deliver my content through?” Once you’ve ironed these few things out more ideas will come to flow and you’ll have a relatively clearer picture of how to play the game better.

Remember to stick to the basics! Make sure you’re making great-quality content that answers searcher intent versus spammy and long-for-long’s-sake documents. This is the first step. Once you have great content up and posted, contact Silver Connect Web Design to take you the extra mile. Avail of our great and affordable web development packages!

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