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Compelling Web Trends to Consider in Your Web and Graphics Design

As we enter the second quarter of 2014, there are lots of new web trends that compel companies and enterprises to rethink their web and graphics design. These new approaches in graphics and design are increasingly shifting the ways users interact with online channels, how they identify a brand, and how they engage with the company in general. Some of these trends that are actually creating waves in the industry include storytelling and parallax design.

Storytelling: What You Need to Know

A design that is centered on storytelling utilizes various visual content and presentations to attract users and visitors into the website. The whole point of storytelling is to simply provide a story-oriented setting and utilize onward motions to engage customers deeper during their browsing experience. One best example of a story-oriented content is infographics as it uses attracting or delighting graphics together with content to draw users in and allow a structure for them to digest the content further.

Some companies are employing this strategy to explicate complex concepts, services, or products in order for users to understand them with ease. In addition, some businesses are using stories to effectively connect with their target audience and to consequently deliver a better brand message to them. Designing via storytelling is one of the hottest web and graphic design trends today for a reason. First and foremost, it does not hard sell users about a service or product. Secondly, stories are mainly used to educate and inform people in an entertaining manner. This strategy is conceived to result in higher engagement and sales than traditional direct selling tactics.

Parallax Design: What Is It?

It is a design method that utilizes several graphics layers at different speeds in order to produce an animation. As the users scroll down their mouse or touchpad, the images will come together to make an animated presentation. As of late, parallax design has been very popular for sales pages, promotional websites, and content marketing campaigns. One great example of parallax design is a comic strip where both the characters and background moves as you scroll down, appearing like an animated flip book. Giant corporations such as Apple have used this method to present their products, and they have achieved great results. Parallax design makes a sales page really interactive and permits companies to showcase several facets of their products/services in a way that definitely wow their prospective clients.


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