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Collaborating Web Designs with Clients

In the world of web design and graphic design, working with clients can often be a challenge. Clients try to portray their ideas of what they want and how they think a project would work to the designers. Designers and web developers will then interpret and deliver the project to the best of their ability. In this process, clients and designers usually go back and forth on design concepts and ideas until both parties are satisfied.

Unfortunately, during this to and fro between clients and designers, conflicts may sometimes occur. A client may not know what they want out of a design and the web developer may not know enough of the client’s industry. The client needs a website that looks good and works, and the web designer wants a project that would be worthy of their portfolio.

So the bottom line is: The key to a successful collaboration is how well the understanding of the client’s needs is and the web developer’s skill to design that web site. Here are a few tips to remember:

Understand the client – One of the most important factors when collaborating is to understand where the client is coming from. A misunderstood project is doomed to fail
from the start. Get to know who they are, what their company does, and understand
how a particular design will help them with their needs.

Know the client’s knowledge of web design – In collaboration, an important ingredient is communication. Knowing the that the client has a high level of knowledge in web design can be used to the developer’s advantage as both can use technical jargon and design language which greatly reduces the chance of any misunderstandings. With a less tech-savvy client it is better to use simpler language the client in question can understand.

Compromise – In negotiating design with clients,  one has to find a middle ground. Disagreements will almost certainly occur during these exchanges. Nevertheless,
keep a cool head and focus on the goal. Be sure the client knows what benefits or consequences are in their design choices.

Effective collaboration is integral to a project’s success. It is not easy to deal with many ideas coming from different backgrounds, but with a good process everyone can offer new ways to push the project designs forward.

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