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Clearing Up the Misunderstandings of What SEO Is and Does

All who have encountered the term SEO understand that it stands for “search engine optimization”. Web development industries describe this as the optimization of web pages so that search engines will award pages higher ranking when a keyword based search is done by a user. SEO is a big part of web maintenance as it aims to generate high visitor frequency to a website.

Unfortunately, there are some myths about what really happens “under the hood” of the
search engine optimization process. The first myth is about how metatag descriptions are taken into consideration by search engines when awarding rankings. This was true at a certain point in time but no longer applies today. Search engines, such as Google and Bing, no longer index these metatag descriptions and are not taken into their algorithms. Metatag descriptions are now for the benefit of users who read these meta tag descriptions that are located under the url in a search result list to get a general idea of what the page content contains.

Another misconception is the notion that the more inbound links, the better. In actuality
it should more accurately say the more related inbound links, the better. Quality trumps
quantity when it comes to SEO. Inbound links should be as related to the original site as
possible so as not to crowd the page with off topic references.

As mentioned above, SEO should be more about quality and must clear the rumor that SEO is about trickery. There are those who think that search engine optimization is all about using tactics to trick search engines. This is not the case. A quality and lasting SEO is all about providing good net surfing experience for users with creative, informative, and unique websites. It is the content of these websites that search engines base their rankings on and rewards these contents with high rankings. A good web development company should not only be updated with web design technology but with news on search engine optimization strategies to keep up with the changing of times.

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