CLEAR – 5 Points of Social Media Networking

Silver Connect Web Design offers leading solutions that are guaranteed to maximize online presence, credibility and overall wow-factor for businesses and organizations, large or small! We offer call center services, complete website packages, search engine optimization services, graphic design, website development and web hosting and maintenance. You won’t be let down with the quality of our work, the commitment of our team, as well as how affordable our rates are. Maximize your online advertising and marketing now with our effective social media networking campaigns and strategies that are guaranteed to increase credibility and broaden your business’/organizations’ reach. Work with us now by filling out our contact form for an instant quote— best price guaranteed! Social media networks and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are quickly becoming trends and commonplace in the daily living of people from every nation, culture and age. It can be alarming and enticing at the same time to witness the rate at which more and more people are starting to “need” social media. Alarming—because there is a growing dependency on social media and at times, it takes the place of actual personal socializing. Alarming— at how people can get so irritated when they can’t access wifi- and even when they are having lunch or dinner with friends or family, they are still glued to their wifi devices. Enticing—because with the amount of people using social media today, social interactions are becoming more and more public. This means what people talk about can be shared and/or tweeted. If people start talking about how great one specific product is, then that product is on its way to blowing up (figuratively, not literally). It can also bring world-wide attention to worth-while causes. What are some benefits of social media marketing? We’ve come up with a handy acronym for you to easily carry with you whenever someone asks you the same question, or you have doubts if social media networking is helping you at all: CLEAR.



Unless you pay for your ads (you shouldn’t, if you’re working with good companies that can get you far with only organic results, ahem), social media networking costs virtually nothing. At the bare minimum, all you have to do is regularly post interesting and enticing content, build a good-looking profile and you’re good to go for the long run. It’s truly cost-effective because when done right, you’re reaching out to thousands upon thousands of possible clients. Of course, if you want a team of experts to make sure that every detail and aspect is covered, you’re going to have to shell out a bit of money—but that’ll be no problem when you start raking in all the benefits.


If you can somehow touch the hearts of the many people in the world of social media, you’re sure to stick around for some time. Brand loyalty can effectively be built with persistent, genuine engagement and interactions with your target market. Once you build a reputation for yourself, people will be chomping to know more about the what’s-up with you and your business.


Also known by some as conversions, known by most as business. You are absolutely, a hundred percent guaranteed better rates of engagement and business if you’ve built a great social media profile. It’s only common sense to see more sales and/or clients come in when you have more people talking about you.


Even if you aren’t able to do business, you’re getting the word out about yourself and that goes a long way. Increasing awareness of your brand opens a huge number of doors, and shower you with more opportunities.


Also known as feedback, or market insight. You get to know more about what your clients, target market and/or audience need or are looking for. Pay enough attention to this and you’ll be considered a diamond by most people online.


Cost-effectivity, loyalty, engagement, awareness and response are factors that are mutually interdependent of each other. Meaning, when there is progress in one aspect, everything else gets better along with it. Are you interested in maximizing each benefit for your business, start-up, or organization? We’d be more than happy to work with you with our leading social media networking campaigns. Work with us now by filling up our contact form for an instant quote!

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