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Brand Development in Philadelphia: Why Responsive Web Design is Important?

Late last year (2013), approximately 17 percent of web usage across the globe directly comes from mobile devices, and, apparently, this number invariably grows. Gone are the days of focusing all your Philadelphia brand development efforts into having a “One Size Fits All” approach, because here is no single approach that does it all. In order to successfully establish a digital presence, every business website should think of several strategies. That being said, one should highly regard having a responsive design.

To make the most of your digital marketing campaign and presence, you have to look at every possible variance in screen size that your target audience is currently utilizing to browse the Internet. Thus, having a responsive design is one of the easiest yet most effective means to cater the needs of your different users. Responsive design is the contemporary approach where the design and its development respond to the behavior and environment of users based on screen resolution and device with the use of flexible layouts and grids.

So, aside from having streamlined marketing processes and solid call center services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for customer support, how important having a responsive design really is?

Search Engines Love Responsive Websites

Google and other major search engines favor responsive sites when providing search results. Why? This is because responsive websites provide the same content on any device and the appearance still stay the same and seamless. Content is important for search engines because it is one of the key factors for ranking. So, if your website has different content for every device, then search engines would also have trouble determining its deserved rank for specific queries.

Lower Bounce Rate

Just imagine a scenario where your prospective customer visits your website through a smartphone or tablet, then he/she just realized that all your web elements are all over the place. Of course, the visitor would instantly leave the site. The number of visitors who enter the site, and then leave after viewing the landing page or a couple of web pages are the metric called “bounce rate.” Needless to say, unresponsive websites promote high bounce rate not only because of different content, but also because of other elements that are not displayed and arranged accordingly when viewed on other devices.

Higher Conversion Rate

If all your web elements, such as call-to-actions, are properly formatted, then your website is likely to guide visitors in every purchasing stage. Hence, having a responsive design could help you turn normal visitors into actual customers and, eventually, to more sales sales.

The Next Step

If your website does not have a responsive design yet, better hire an expert firm that provides professional yet affordable website design in Philadelphia, PA today! You certainly would not want your online business to stay behind others, right?

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