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Benefits of Personas and Stories That Boost a Web Design

When talking about the industry of web design, the terms personas and stories may be described a little different than the conventional description. In a sense, it has more to do the users who experience the web design. A persona is the embodiment of the user experience and is a representative of the target audience. It is based on real data for the closest representation to a potential user. Whereas a story or scenario is the experience and approach the user has when making use of the website or app. It embodies what might be the capabilities, reasons, goals, and motivations of a user when faced with the web design.

These two concepts yield many benefits for a web design as well as its developer. Personas for example yield the following benefits.

• Allows for the prediction of how users will react to the web design

• Provides a model for representing the personality of the user for whom the website of app is for

• A human connection is established and discourages making changes that strays too far away from the target audience

When creating fictitious personas, it is important to remember that although it is fictitious, it has to be derived from and based on factual user research. This makes it possible for the personas to be created with accurate estimations of personalities, skills and motivations.

Stories and scenarios also pose benefits such as:

• Being able to peek at the possible journey a user experiences where their characters and values could be expressed

• Sets a common ground in users and brings them together in entertainment  and meaning

• Connects the developers and the users which helps optimize the website or app

Much like personas, the stories associated with the persona should be based on actual user scenarios in order to create accurate scenarios of possible issues or problems.

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