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Benefits of a Minimalistic Web Design

The saying “less is more” is an all too popular phrase that stems from the form of style known as minimalism. Minimalism, as its name suggest, is a design style where an
effective and attractive result is achieved with only a few elements or only the essential elements. This can be a great approach to creating a web design as well, given that the most trending sites have a clean and sleek, minimalistic design.

Benefits to a Minimalistic Web Design:

1. With the minimalistic web design approach, the result would be fewer codes and site assets will be used. There would only be a few CSS rules, HTML elements, images, JavaScript, etc. By doing so, there will be an increase on the performance of the website on the front-end, and therefore, a higher rate of user experience and enhanced usability.

2. There is a less likely chance for a minimalistic web design to get messed up. For as long as there is harmony with the page’s typography, white space, and visual elements, the design will still be attractive while allowing it to be open and free without any superfluous elements.

3. Thanks to the minimalistic method, the user can instantly focus on the content of the web page without the distraction of over the top visual elements crowding the view.
It should not be confused, however, that when saying a web design is minimalistic that it means it is easier to design. On the contrary, it takes just as much effort on concept, planning, and execution as any other website. Also, keep in mind that usability should
not be sacrificed in order to create a minimalistic graphic design. Content is still a web page’s biggest asset and should still retain a high level of accessibility in order for users
to deem the website a “functioning and attractive” website.

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