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Behavioral Change + Search Engine Marketing Campaign = Healthy-Happy-Life

People exhibit distinct patterns/sequence of behavior or “behavioral traits.” After all, SEO analysts, Designers, hosting and maintenance administrators frequently use these traits/patterns to create user profiles and personas for clients. And these questions are:

What does it take to get people to swap French fries for fresh fruit? How can you motivate someone to take the first baby step toward better health? And once they’ve started, how do you ensure that those new, healthy behaviors “stick?”

But are we doing it right? OR are you doing this for Google almighty’s sake and not for human’s well-being?

Few internet marketers fail to see the importance of “humans first before SE’s.” We should concentrate more on human’s behavioral change; they would have the benefits of:

Lucrative Income

Less difficult keyword research and analysis

And (at last after decades of treating search engines as gods!) truly help users live a healthier and happier life.

To do so, your strategy (Content/Social Media/web design) must incorporate the following aspects:

Unforgettable – Anchor the new behavior to an old one, and don’t forget to congratulate them when they’re done.

Social – Give them simple daily challenges and let them share their accomplishments with friends and family.

Fun – An engaging, rewarding game-playing experience can bridge the gap between people’s intentions and actions.

Adaptable – It’s easy to support someone who is already motivated to change unhealthy behaviors. But, what about all of those people who aren’t quite there yet? Design online experiences that support, motivate and inspire people to be healthier no matter what stage they’re in.

Elegant – Why bother designing an app that nobody wants to use?

Efficient – If you’re adding mobile or website design service add-ons, they’d better be just as easy and save twice as much time than what the customer can do offline.

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