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Be on Instagram. Why? Because….

One of the most effective methods of search engine optimization is marketing with the aid of social media platforms. This method of search engine marketing is the fastest way to get news out on the website to users as social media is the trend in today’s digital world. This is especially true for websites of a business nature that want people to know about their brand or services. One of the most trending social media branding is via an app known as Instagram.

Instagram is a great media toolbox to use when marketing businesses on social media platforms. Not to mention that Instagram is itself a social media platform that allows a person to take a picture. This picture can be tagged with text captions and instantly uploaded to the Instagram news feed. Not to mention, it has a function that allows you to share the newly taken photo to other popular social media platforms.

Basically, there are three reasons why Instagram should be added to the media toolbox for better search engine optimization results.

1. The rise of the visual content era. Images have been merited as quick ways to convey messages and points to people. This fascination with images and pictures have given rise to an era of visual content, especially thanks to social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest who have popularized image sharing. It is a basic fact that people react more towards an image then a lengthy worded text.

2. Instagram and Facebook are Compatible. Facebook is the leading social media platform in the digital world. It is a smart marketing move to get the business seen on this platform, and because Instagram allows for photos to be instantly uploaded to Facebook, it makes it a hand-in-hand tool for business marketing.

3. Photos aren’t the only thing to share. By image trending, photos aren’t the only things that can be shared via Instagram. Videos can also be taken, uploaded on the news feed, and shared to the social media partners of Instagram.

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