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Basic SEO Reminders for 2014: Post-Hummingbird Report

The field of SEO marketing has been constantly evolving to tailor itself with Google’s
updates and the internet’s advancements in general. SEO practitioners shape their
efforts in order to discover good content simply because the use of Google is just
ubiquitous. For some, the changes entailed by updates are deemed to be scary, mainly
because of the uncertainty of what may happen after. That’s why, having the knowledge
of how the changes work and what to expect along with its effects to the SEO industry
can determine how websites adjust to these revisions.

It had been said that online search engine optimization is a dying industry after Google
released its latest algorithm update, the Hummingbird. In all actuality, SEO, rather than
dying, is evolving since the update only aims to deliver better and more relevant content
and discourage websites from reaching the front page by simply “playing the system”
with methods like link mining, keyword stuffing and other black hat SEO tactics which
you should be well aware are now punished more heavily than before.

As such, what you should do for your SEO is to do better keyword research, focusing
on important ones in order to make sure that the website will be identified in terms of
its use and expertise. The combination of traditional keywords and long-tail keywords
are also very good in helping the SEO efforts since it encompasses both general and
targeted audiences, with single keywords indicating general information, 2-3 for more
in-depth researches, 3-4 for detailed information and any more than that could be
considered specialized for both customers and experts.

So in essence, if your search engine marketing campaign is based on White Hat
SEO tactics, there’s nothing to fear with Hummingbird’s changes, since it’s very
unlikely that your website will lose traffic. Still, though, the science behind Google and
other search engines has changed drastically which calls for adaptation in the SEO
industry. The days of playing the system are over, and a new era centered on original
and authoritative content has begun. Basically, if you’re a website offering genuine
information, a combination of single-word terms and longer keywords could be a good
tandem, hurting impostors and weeding out the bogus.

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