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Avoiding Spammy SEO Tactics as Your Best Search Engine Optimization Strategy

The search engine optimization (SEO) environment has evolved and changed over the      years and the schemes that worked a few years ago might suddenly get your website penalized these days. The more frightening thing is that inexperienced SEO companies and self-proclaimed “SEO experts” continue to utilize these risky maneuvers on their unsuspicious clients. Regardless of whether you are doing SEO on your own or working with the best seo company out there, you need to know these potentially destructive SEO practices that should be avoided at once.

  1.   Mass Links – Gone are the days when the websites that generated massive amount of links, irrespective of their quality, rank well in search engines. However today, there are still seo companies and websites that sell mass link packages which contain thousands of links for a very low price. Although links are still very influential in search results, this does not mean you should bombard your website with copious spammy links, because performing so would instantly get you penalized.


Instead, build links that are natural and relevant. In today’s SEO environment, it is crucial to focus on quality links that come from domains that are relevant to your business nature, and with high domain authority. As a matter of fact, a couple of quality links have more weight than thousands of spammy links.

  1.   Guest Blogging – Earlier this year, the head of Google Webspam team announced that guest blogging was no longer effective. However, a lot of people misinterpreted it and thought that the whole practice of guest blogging is dead, but in reality, Matt Cutts was only referring to spammy guest blogging, Today, a correctly done guest blogging can still be part of your best search engine marketing and optimization strategy. Just make certain that you only guest post on highly-related blogs, preferably those that are well-established and already have good reputation.
  2.   Keyword-Stuffed Content – Along with mass links, this was also one of “old school” tricks that used to work as a charm back in the day. Unfortunately today, stuffing your content with keywords will only earn you a penalty ticket. SEO practitioners nowadays advice content marketers to make their keywords natural and relevant to the whole content; not to mention that they should also focus on creating quality content that visitors would deem valuable and worthy of reading.


So if you are looking for a seo company that will handle your marketing campaign online, make sure that they are not doing these spammy techniques because they will only get your website penalized.

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