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Avoid Wasting Resources – Build a Sitemap!

Website developers often consider the sitemap as one of the most redundant processes in website building, and there’s some truth behind it if it’s just constructed for the sake of having one. This is because sitemaps could be utilized as an effective planning tool for designers and developers alike, functioning in a centralized manner in order to aid in organizing and clarifying the website content as well as eliminating the unneeded pages. Basically, it serves as an outline or flow-chart for the needed content. What’s good with this is that it could be created by anyone, irrespective of their skills in designing.

Its importance to websites is that it clarifies the website’s goals. The reason for this is that websites that lack goals and purpose are often hard to navigate, thus, presenting poor user experience. Often, visitors will be left wondering as to what they’re supposed to be doing in the site, which is a no-no, since users should be able to at least understand how to interact with a website’s content. Mapping a website can ensure that every aspect of the website—from the web graphic design to its contents—reinforce its intended goals.

Lastly, it could help make both the front-end and the back-end work consistently. The reason for this is that websites are built not by a single person, but a team. So with that, the sitemap should have an accessible format for everyone involved in the project, and is kept in a central location where these people could access it and any change made to it, because changes will most likely be made during the project. With that, a sitemap could be used as a centralized clearing house for tracking the project—what has been done, what is still in progress and things that still need work.

So without the sitemap, people on web development jobs and web design jobs will have a lot of wasted time, creating unneeded pages or designing websites more complicated than what’s necessary. Fewer resources are consumed when adding of necessary things and removing the unnecessary ones are done in the early stages rather than having it inserted near its finish. And in order to achieve that, a sitemap is necessary.

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