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A Free Web Development Services Info About Bots

About 61 percent of all visits are from bots – and not from human visitors. The research showed that visitors only comprise about 38 percent of your website traffic. This is based from a report conducted (1.4 billion visits to 20,000 sites) over a 90-day period courtesy of Incapsula, a security platform and a modern web development solutions company.

Remember the favor that search engines do to your website? This is where it’s going to be useful. Google in particular filters out the majority of these bot visits as well as the traffic coming from their very own web crawlers. This way, content analytics reports will only show you the occurrences when humans really did visit your pages and did actually read your content.

Bots are responsible for the 60 percent visits to a brand’s pages.

If this information was mixed in with the bot visits’ data, it’s going to be much harder to obtain an accurate analysis on the number of people visiting your site, where they’re originating from and what they’re engaged in the moment they arrive.

But, this suggests that when we review our analytics reports, we’re only seeing a small fragment of the search traffic pie. There something big going on here. We should think outside the box to make wiser internet marketing decisions. Spiders might be visiting your pages much more than humans, but that’s the reason why we need a good search engine optimization and marketing to determine how often content is indexed.

This is something we should always remember whenever we’re reviewing any kind of metrics in our reports. They’re all part of a bigger picture that we may not have the capability to notice or understand by separating parameters one by one. A good SEO Plan and Strategy demands that we integrate all factors affecting the internet no matter how small it is.

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