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A Closer Look at Responsive Web Design

When it comes to website design solutions, we are always told that user experience should be the priority. What better way to accomplish this than through responsive web design. This is an approach where the page “responds” or auto-fits itself on any kind of device it is viewed on which can be a desktop monitor, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone screen. This has become a trend this year especially with the booming of such smaller devices.

Let us take a look at some of the benefits of this approach:

1. Enhanced User Experience

We all get frustrated at using mobile sites only to deal with limited or missing information. With responsive web design, any site will be easily accessed because pages will resize the font, images and other content to fit the screen size of the device. Thus, the overall quality of the experience is better.

2. Easier to Maintain and Better SEO

If you have multiple versions of your site that will have to fit several devices, it would be a major task to make an update on all of these whenever you have changes. If you create a single website that auto-fits to whatever device used, then it would be easier to maintain, and optimization and link building will be easy-breezy. Instead of wasting your time on updating several versions of your site, you can invest the time and money on improving the content of your site for better SEO marketing campaign. In addition, your website analytics and reporting will be easier to track.

3. Increased Conversion Rates

Since your website responds to several devices, then more customers will be able to access your site. Furthermore, since you have more time to focus on your content, then the quality will surely be improved which what possible prospects are searching for. Simply put, a better customer experience will bring about more sales and enhance conversion rates.

4. SEO Penalties are Avoided

One major thing online businesses want to avoid is SEO penalty as this will not only affect rankings but may also cause blocking by search engines. With lesser websites to maintain and optimize, there will be lower chances of experiencing problems like duplicate content. Some say this is cause enough to be penalized but others say this is a myth and that there is no such thing as “duplicate content penalty”. One thing for sure is that having duplicate content doesn’t do any good to your website. Every page should have a purpose and the content is what will convey that purpose. It will totally be a waste if you have 2 pages with the same content.

5. Cost Efficient

Since you only have a single site to worry about, then you will have fewer expenses! So when you hire a web development company, paying for maintenance and updates will be much lighter on your card.

With these benefits of responsive web design, it is no wonder why several online businesses are opting for such. In fact, several companies that offer web design services are also gearing towards this development not only for better SEO but for better user experience in general.

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