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6 Essential Typography Tips for Improved and Readable Website

A good web and graphic design also depends on the element called ‘Typography’. When improved and done in a correct manner, this element can highly improve the site’s readability and design. Even when new trends emerge, experts still remind their fellow professionals about how important the ‘text’ is to a website page. So do consider the following compiled typography tips to further enhance your website’s appeal.

1.) Contrast and Colour – The first thing that designers should be aware of is their colour schemes, second, is the contrast of a webpage. Same goes for the typography of a
page. Keep in mind that it is easier for people to read a black text on whit background than the other way around.

2.) Font Consistency – A site will look more readable and adding to the professional touch if only few fonts are used. Having a lot of fonts can make it look cluttered and messy to the readers, so avoid using more than three types of fonts. By using only few fonts, you are making your page readable and clean.

3.) Organized Text and Titles – Organize your titles, introduction paragraphs and regular texts by creating a hierarchy. This is essential since it will let the readers analyze your
articles or pages quickly and they can easily locate the part that catches their fancy.

4.) Correct Line Height – Web and graphic designers usually make a mistake by using an incorrect line height in their designs. You should take note of the fact that the line height defines the height of a text. With that, your line height should be set to be in tune with the size of the font.

5.) Underlined Texts are For Links – The default approach for links by the browsers is an underlined blue text, although the colour of the text often changes. Moreover, the underline
has been the generic style links. Because of that, never use it for other purposes than links. You will only confuse your readers if you do.

6.) Title Margins – Be aware that the title is related to the paragraph and not an isolator
between two paragraphs. In that way, the title must have a wider margin on top than the bottom.

These six essential typography tips can help you have a better website and improved search engine results when it is done properly. Expanding your knowledge on what makes an excellent website will only work for you.

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