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5 Things that CEOs are Wrong about When Developing a Website

Do you still remember your last website development project? Or the last time you worked closely with a web development company in San Francisco, California? Surely, you have experienced going through your budget and costs, deadlines, or even blamed someone for having a bad turnout or mediocre results. Regardless of whether it is your team’s fault or others’, there are still misconceptions that some CEOs or business owners have when it comes to developing a website. If you are one of these who owns or manages a corporate website, here are some of the harmful views that you should avoid right away:

#1: Developing a Website is Easy

In a typical website development project, clients ask for a 15 to 20-page mock-up website complete with log in setup, online payment system, blog, as well as essential widgets. Even though simple-looking websites such as Craigslist look like an easy job for web developers, the process needed to get the job done is actually complex and time-consuming. In addition, based from the prominent websites today, the simpler the web design and layout, the more expensive it might actually cost you. Even small additional requests necessitate days to weeks of programming.

#2: Every Team Member should be Involved

In web development, involve only those who will be doing the work. In this sense, all the business goals, brand assets, content strategies and user flows are streamlined in an effective manner. As much as possible, don’t spend most of the time working on complicated technical details, database architecture, layouts, design and widgets.

#3: Developing a Website is Cheap

With the advent of countless online channels that provide free templates, as well as the continuous popularity of offshore development, most CEOs think that designing and developing a website are a cheap process. Even though taking advantage of these free templates can be very beneficial for some companies, it should not be an option for those companies who seek long-term success. Always keep in mind that developing a website should be considered as an investment, so one must allocate sufficient resources on it.

#4: No More Work will be Done Once the Website is Live

Developing a website is not a one-time process. Once it goes live, it will need constant maintenance in order to remain fully functional and operational. Most successful business websites today have teams who are dedicated in making sure that the website experiences no issues and glitches. In addition, security updates, fresh content, as well as functionality check are also needed every now and then.

#5: Owners could Totally Determine the Design

As the owner of your website, you will have major influence on its design. Nonetheless, professional designers suggest that you should entrust the design to them because they have the necessary skill set, experience and knowledge in effectively converting usual visitors into paying clients through web design.

Familiarize yourself with the abovementioned harmful views, so you could steer away from them before availing web development solutions in San Francisco, CA.

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