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5 Major Web Design Mistakes that Business Websites Must Avoid

If you are to look at market trends nowadays, website has definitely become a necessity rather than an option for businesses regardless of its nature, size and niche. However, designing and developing a website are easier said than done. In fact, even experts at web design jobs in Raleigh, North Carolina can commit infinitesimal mistakes during the process. Nevertheless, there are major mistakes that one should totally avoid as they can utterly ruin the website’s performance.

With the intention to help business owners avoid experiencing major problems after launching their websites, provided below are the pitfalls to keep tabs on.

#1: Having a Background Music

If your product or services are not about music, better avoid having a background music in your website. Although it looks and “sounds” cool, web standards today are geared towards providing the users with the best experience possible. And by experience, it includes quick loading and easy navigation. A background music would only slow down the website’s loading response rate, which can hamper down the user experience. Also, the music may actually put off clients if they do not like your choice.


#2: Unresponsive Layout

With the continuous upsurge of traffic coming from mobile devices, it will be a major mistake of not making the website unresponsive. Attract more potential clients especially those who prefer to browse a product or service through their mobile devices by making sure that all your web design elements are responsive.


#3: Imbalanced Color Arrangement

A lot of amateur web designers still base their color selection from their gut feeling. Of course, this has its own pros and cons. To be sure, it is better to base the design from exact science. In fact, there are research-backed studies that show the science behind color combination. Taking a quick look at studies would be of immense help in finding the perfect color harmony to make the website as visually-appealing as possible.


#4: Confusing User Interface

Admit it, some website owners only care about their own orientations in terms of the design. Regrettably, this can be a huge mistake because this decision should be largely based on the user’s orientation (preferably the target market). In the long run, having a confusing and unfriendly user interface will surely take the website into deep disadvantage when it comes to acquiring and converting traffic.


#5: No Index

The moment the website goes live, it is important for search engines to index it. Hence, it is also essential to ensure that all meta data are in place, together with the robots.txt file and sitemap.


If you need expert assistance in making sure that these mistakes are avoided, you can always turn to professional companies that offer holistic web development in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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