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4 Tips to Have an Updated SEO Strategy

Because of the fact that search engine optimization (SEO), as a practice, is incessantly evolving, most seo specialists also shift its definition to “search marketing” or “integrated marketing”. However, these “buzz words” aren’t the only thing that’s evolving since 2006, as marketers also need to update and advance their strategies in order to remain competitive and effective. For this reason, provided below are some tips on how to keep your “search” skills up-to-date.

#1: Integrated Approach: Make it a Habit

SEO strategies used to be separate from content marketing strategies, and until today, most people still see SEO as entirely separate field from other marketing endeavors. However, in order to yield sustainable results you should practice having an integrated approach. This approach entails that search marketing has to get across all aspects of marketing efforts. In detail, you should think everything about search- from what people are looking for, to the things that would pique their interests. You should use and apply this information throughout your marketing scope from articles, to press releases, to social media. Moreover, the topics covered in all these facets should be consistent.

#2: Finely Adjust Your Text URL Selection

As the algorithm of Google evolves, so as their understanding of synonyms that go well with keywords. For instance, for a high-volume key phrase like “inventory management”, Google now also understand synonym phrases such as “management of inventory”, “inventory software”, or “inventory control”. So the best search engine optimization strategy for this one is to make use of synonyms instead of pushing yourself too hard in doing exact keyword matches for your text URL.

#3: Always Capitalize Available Means and Tools

You should not stop at creating great content. You need to promote it. Therefore, you should take advantage of available tools and means such as the social media. Needless to say, most social media platforms are beneficial in creating awareness about what you wrote. So make sure not to miss out these channels for content distribution.

#4: Give Heed to Technical Details

As Google continues to become more intuitive, so should your knowledge about SEO technical factors. Don’t attempt to skip them for they are essential in boosting your desired results. These technical details include using keywords in your URL, writing web-friendly headlines, and having a website with fast loading time.

Final Thoughts

When thinking about the most appropriate search engine marketing solution for your seo strategy, keeping these four tips in mind will definitely drive you to the right path.

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