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4 Survival Tips for Small and Start-Up Business Websites

Some owners of small business websites who are based in Seattle, Washington often experience different web design faults and inconsistencies that apparently limit their websites’ efficiency and usability. The problem, however, is that they are the ones who added those web design elements, or employed a website design service in Seattle, believing that these would improve the site’s user experience (UX).

Website owners, especially those who are running only small business websites, should be aware that not all web design elements could enhance the usability of a website. In some occasions, they even make the website unappealing and more complicated to navigate. With all these elements combined, you are literally steering off the visitors and potential customers away from your website.

With the intention of helping small business website owners to become competitive in their niche, consider these four survival tips:

  1. Never Make the Website Too Big – Although it is completely fine to dream for a big website, small business website owners should settle for a more realistic goal for now. Planning and executing a big website requires sufficient planning and preparation. Small business websites should focus on three things: (a) brand development, (b) attracting prospective clients, and (c) making sure that the website runs smoothly and can be navigated with ease.
  2. Never Incorporate Autoplay Videos – In today’s online standards, a lot of consumers close down the website if it immediately presents videos that play automatically. As mentioned in the first point, the goal of small business website is to welcome customers, not drive them away. Hence, never incorporate these videos as well as any other flash/html 5 animation that could destroy user experience.
  3. Never Make the Checkout Process Complicated – As an ecommerce website, your main objective is to turn your visitors into actual sales. Given the fact that checking out the products is the final stage, it is imperative to not make this process complicated for them. Make it easy and simple for them to check out your products or request for appointment (in case you are providing a service).
  4. Do Not Focus on the Site’s Visual Grandness (for Now) – Naturally, your website designers in Seattle, WA would try their best to make your website as visually appealing as possible. However, concentrating too much on the visual aspect of the website tends to result to an overly distracting design. Always remember that small ecommerce websites do not need to be that visually delighting in order for it to become productive, functional and usable. Concentrate on simple designs and creative content that could adequately present your services or products.

If you need professional help in setting up your small business website, you can always turn to expert companies that provide web development in Seattle.

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