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4 Don’ts for Small Business Websites

A lot of small business website owners in El Paso, TX experience a variety of faulty and inconsistent design elements that critically limit the usability and effectiveness of their websites. What’s more problematic is that, the business owners personally add those elements, or hire an El Paso website design service provider to add them, thinking that these might look good or enhance the user experience.

Like it or not, some design and process elements irrespective of their good intentions, normally make a website unappealing and more difficult to navigate. With these combined elements, your website is driving away your potential visitors towards your competitors. So, to help small business website owners remain competitive in their market, provided below are the things to avoid.

#1: Don’t Make the Website Too Big

Contrary to popular notion, not all big things are always better especially when handling a website for small business. Gearing towards having a big website needs proper planning because of the possible key problems such as slower loading time and difficulty in navigation.

As a small business website, your primary goal must be establishing your brand and pulling in a constant flow of prospects. Needless to say, you cannot achieve these chief objectives if your website runs slow or is hard to navigate.

#2: Don’t Integrate Videos that Play Automatically

In today’s web standards, nothing is more annoying for online visitors than opening a website just to get bombarded with autoplay videos. Of course, it is more irritating when the visitor cannot stop them. Keep in mind that small business websites should welcome people, not drive them away. Therefore, stay clear from integrating these videos or any other flash/html 5 animation that could ruin the user experience.

#3: Don’t Make the Checkout Complicated

As a business, your ultimate goal is to convert visitors into actual sales. The checkout is the final stage of every purchasing process. It is the last thing that separates your website from a potential sale. Thus, always make it easy and simple for your visitors to check out items or request for a service.

#4: Don’t Try Too Hard on the Visual Grandness

For sure, a lot of web designers in El Paso, Texas would try their best to create a visually appealing website. However, focusing too much on the visual grandness of a website tends to lead into a confusing and overly distracting design. Keep in mind that your small business website doesn’t have to be too visually delighting for it to become functional and productive. Aim for simple designs that focus on your content and products/services – no flashy gimmicks.

These are some of the things you should avoid for your small-business website. If you are having trouble avoiding the above-mentioned practices, you can always turn to professional El Paso web development companies for expert guidance and help.

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