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3 Surefire Ways to Get Banned from Google

Getting page views could be one of the main goals of a search engine marketing campaign, but getting it using underhanded methods is an absolute no-no. These methods are actually very effective in a span of few days, but in the long run, it could lead to heavy penalties—the worst being banned from Google’s page results completely.


This is pretty much one of the worst black hat strategies out there, which provides really bad user experience. For example, if the user is searching for a website about web designing and ends up on a website about mythical creatures (like trolls), it could really be annoying. This is basically achieved by having an efficiently designed website where the search engine and users see different content using programming hacks and redirects. This method is the most effective way of getting banned from all search engines.

Keyword Stuffing and Font Matching

Some websites hide their keywords in the page’s background using different methods, like blending the keywords’ text color or even making them so miniscule that it can’t be noticed by users. This black hat search engine marketing solution is pretty much pointless because it’s easily detected by search engine algorithms.

Automatic Website Content

Making duplicate content for websites is pretty bad, but having a program write multiple, slightly modified content for the website is even worse. This doesn’t only violate Google’s policies but also copyright laws, which could lead to legal issues.


Black hat online search engine optimization strategies are easy to detect nowadays, due to the effort poured by websites to make the user experience as satisfying as possible. Legitimate SEO techniques are highly rewarded, that’s why good, organized websites with original and fresh content are always on top of the search engine results page—they give
accurate, valuable information or services which are pretty much what search engines hope to deliver to people who use them.

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