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3 Signs that Your Website Needs an SEO Audit

With the growing competition of businesses online, having a strong online presence is more than necessary. Consequently, a well-planned search engine optimization in Washington, D.C. is also needed for this to materialize. Unfortunately, doing search engine optimization (SEO) is easier said than done. It involves complicated processes, because the most “ideal” practices vary over time. Nevertheless, the good news is, doing an SEO audit can give your website a good head start.

SEO’s Significance

In today’s business landscape, most customers want to know first whether a business truly exists before making a purchase. Tech-savvy consumers typically go online. Therefore, the most surefire way to ensure that your target clientele is seeing your corporate website is by trying to land on search engines’ first pages, preferably that of Google’s. As you know by now, Google holds majority of shares within the search engine industry. The SEO audit is needed to make sure that your business website experiences no technical glitches or errors particularly with its URL structure, robots.txt, links, and title tags, for all of these will affect how search engines would rank the website.

Signs that Your Website Needs SEO Audit

As mentioned earlier, SEO is not an easy process. SEO audit, for instance, needs to be done by an expert to accurately assess the website. Usually, the SEO expert will conduct an audit if the website is going through the following:

  • It Is Lagging Behind – If most competitor websites are gaining higher rankings in your selected keywords, an SEO audit can help you pinpoint the aspects you need to improve in order to have maximum traffic and exposure. Doing SEO audit regularly will help your website become competitive in terms of search results.
  • It Has Poor Conversion Rate – Even though gaining sufficient traffic is a critical first step, it is not sufficient to amplify your profit. As soon as prospective customers visit your page, they should be guided thoroughly through the whole extent of their purchase. Always remember that a search engine marketing solution in Washington that is geared towards increasing your website traffic is not always synonymous to effective traffic conversion.
  • It Has High Bounce Rate – In connection to poor conversion rate, another big problem that will be identified with an SEO audit is having a high bounce rate. This is the instance where the visitors leave immediately after landing on your page which could be due to many reasons. However, one thing is for sure, they cannot locate the information/product/service they are looking for. An SEO audit can help you identify what is causing the problem so that you can come up with a solution for it.

Do not wait until your website becomes ineffective before asking a seasoned search engine optimization company in Washington, D.C. to carry out an SEO audit. Your business website needs to be constantly competitive in order to fulfill its supposed function in growing your enterprise and helping you gain profit.

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