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3 Shocking Misconceptions about Responsive Web Design

With the advent and continuous upsurge of mobile devices as a medium of browsing the web, most web design jobs in Baltimore, MD are becoming centered on utilizing responsive frameworks. This is to ensure that majority of people nowadays can access website conveniently even when not on a laptop or desktop computer. Given this increase in popularity of responsive frameworks, the internet is then filled with misconceptions and rumors that could drive you to the wrong direction.

Learn the facts, and be aware of these myths and false information:

Myth #1: Responsive Websites are Chunky

A lot of people indicate that performance is the tradeoff for having a responsive website. This is false. Website performance is contingent on a variety of factors. As can be surmised, a website that is bloated and heavy with texts, images, graphics and animations will definitely perform poorly as compared to a site that managed to keep the layout clean and streamlined. As a matter of fact, responsive websites can be much faster than non-responsive ones simply because of the newer technology these utilize.

Myth #2: Responsive Web Designs are for Mobile Devices Only

This is not true. Believe it or not, a responsive design also works like a charm on a computer. Imagine a broad range of computers with different kinds of monitors in viewing content. In addition, monitors nowadays come in various sizes and computers can now be adjusted to display content at different resolutions. Consequently, websites need to be designed responsively to also adapt to the various resolutions that laptops and desktops have.

Myth #3: Responsive Websites Restrict Creativity

This is a debate in the industry of web and graphic design in Baltimore. Clients are always worried because they have this assumption that responsive websites have a lot of moving parts and scalable things, which can limit the use of certain layouts and designs. Of course, this is not true. Professional web design companies in the city will make sure that your website is unique and will stand out among the competition. The sky is the limit, to say the least, when you choose your website to have a responsive design.

On top of these misconceptions, the cost of having a responsive website is also affordable. Although web design firms in the city slightly vary when it comes to pricing, keep an eye for companies that already have a proven track record in providing professional and low cost web design solutions.

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