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3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Black Hat Social Media

Every search engine marketing firm in Charlotte, North Carolina is surely familiar with the term “black hat” as it has been thrown around for years now. In general, the word black hat was derived from Western movies to differentiate bad guys from good guys who wore (as you can surmise) white hat. In the context of search engine marketing, this term is used to describe hackers and unprincipled SEO practitioners who employ shady tactics to increase the rank of their pages.

Black Hat Social Media

Today, we are seeing unprincipled marketers who are executing black hat tactics in different social media platforms such as:

  • Employing click farms to amplify their numbers of followers
  • Paying individuals to subscribe, like or comment in their social media content
  • Sharing malicious links
  • Creating dummy social media accounts in order to push the following and engagement rate of their main account
  • Leaving fake reviews to their competitors

Why Should You Avoid These Tactics?

Evidently, these are not the way how social media networking in Charlotte, NC should be. Taking this lazy route will surely do more harm than good. In detail, your business will suffer the following if you dare to make black hat social media your habit.

  1. It Can Affect Organic Ranking – Even though social signals might not be a direct part of the algorithm used by Google, they still have influence on search engine optimization. Search Engine Land, a leading publishing company in search engine marketing, supposes that if a company purchases fake followers, shares, likes, etc., this could falsely amplify the content’s level of authority, which in turn can be detrimental once Google crawls and indexes their page.
  1. It Can Sully Your Reputation – Social media platforms are a great avenue for relationship building with your prospective and existing clients. Keep in mind that in creating brand advocates, trust and credibility are important. They visit your social media profile to interact with like-minded people who are not deceitful, and who could chip in something to the table such as great information or entertainment.Long story short, doing black hat social media would certainly put your reputation on the line. So, if you don’t want to lose your valuable customers, do not attempt doing it.
  1. It Yields No Profit – Lastly, doing black hat social media is not synonymous to more profit even though it can amass great number of likes and followers. These “fake” followers will not last long, and worse, are not actually real people who are interested in availing your products or services.

If you need help in practicing white hat social media marketing that truly works and can reap benefits, you can always turn to professional Charlotte search engine marketing agencies!

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