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3 Mistakes Every Business Owner Should Avoid

It is essential for search engine optimization companies in Seattle, Washington to treat content marketing as an indispensable tool to amplify and advance their brand development and SEO campaign. However, some content marketing efforts are not that productive, because marketers are committing marginal errors. These small mistakes, in the long run, can lead to an ineffective campaign.

To help your business avoid this same fate, here are some mistakes to steer away from:

#1: Posting Self-centered Messages in Social Media

It is natural for business owners to feel some pride about their enterprise, especially if it’s currently successful. With the boom of social media, however, business owners should prevent posting egotistical messages. They should always remember that they represent a business entity, and the social media is the perfect avenue to share and disseminate interesting topics. Do not over push marketing messages and advertisements into the throats of your target audience in social media.

Seattle search engine optimization marketing professionals recommend following the 80/20 rule whenever posting in social media. This means 80 percent of your posts should be insightful and industry-related, and the remaining 20 percent is for your own opinions.


#2: Heavy Dependence on Social Automation

The world of social media evolves so quickly to the point that your Facebook post, tweets, and status updates only become appropriate and relevant for a specific time. The only posts that last are those with really good content. Consequently, most social media marketers use certain tools that let them schedule their posts in order to remain relevant and consistent in the whole extent of their content marketing plan.

However, the problem is, some of these marketers have developed a heavy dependence on social automation. Although there is nothing wrong in utilizing these tools, if marketers totally depend on social automation, they would often miss one crucial aspect in content marketing – community engagement.


#3: Unwilling to Adapt with New Social Media Platforms

There are promising social media platforms that emerge from time to time. Of course, business owners and marketers would not jump instantly onto these platforms. However, there are some who don’t actually try out these platforms at all. Needless to say, reluctance to adapt with these emerging social media platforms is a missed opportunity to reach your audience who are using those platforms. Keep in mind that as a business owner, you should be flexible with the changes around you, and social media is one for it might be a gateway for your future success.


Although there is no best SEO strategy in Seattle that works for every marketing campaign, avoiding these mistakes will increase your own strategy’s success rate.

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