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How Did Donald Trump Affect Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services? Here’s How!

Idiot Search Results to Trump

How Did Donald Trump Affect Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services? Here’s How!

January 20, 2017 – A moment that will go down in the annals of American history. This was the day when Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of this great nation. Perhaps the most controversial presidential candidate to have run for the position, his win has garnered praise from his staunch supporters and harsh criticism from critics. Despite the divided opinions about the polarizing business tycoon, one thing was for sure: changes are going to happen and it will affect everybody. The impact of his presidency has been universally felt and has affected a lot of companies that conduct their operations worldwide. This includes the biggest airliners in the aviation industry to upstart web development firms that offer SEO services.

 Wait… How in the world did the President of the United States of America affect Search Engine Optimization operations? Let’s find out.

In July 2018, popular news website The Guardian has reported that when users around the world searched the word idiot on Google, results would yield pictures of Donald Trump. To make matters worse, the images of the president were found at the top of the results. This proved to be embarrassing to both Trump and his Cabinet that eventually, the issue was brought up at a scheduled House Judiciary Committee hearing about Google’s Data Collection and Privacy.

Google’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sundar Pichai was asked by California Democratic Representative Zoe Lofgren on how and why a Google search for idiot would yield results of Donald Trump. Pichai clarified how a Google search works: by taking the keyword that was searched for and matching it with related pages throughout the World Wide Web to find the best results for users. Pichai added that Google does not “manually intervene” with the results and that there are several factors that affect it such as popularity, relevance, and freshness.

According to business website Fortune, this issue started with the protests at Donald Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom where Green Day’s song American Idiot was used. Eventually, a photo of Trump which included the word was posted on Reddit. Users around the world upvoted this post which caused Google to recognize it as a top contender for the term idiot. Subsequently, Google has placed it as a top result on their search engine for that specific term. This process is called Google Bomb, where a group of people links a particular word or phrase to a website in an effort to boost its rankings in Google search results.

This wasn’t the first time that a US President was targeted by a Google Bomb. Perhaps the best-known occurrence was in 2003, where the biography of then-President George W. Bush was shown as the top result whenever the phrase Miserable Failure was searched on Google. Years after this incident, Google took action and made changes to their algorithm which made Google Bombs increasingly difficult to pull off. Nonetheless, people still found ways to do this.

Due to these attempts to ridicule two US Presidents, the importance of availing SEO services for websites have been emphasized. Through the Search Engine Optimization process, these instances can be avoided. Tasks such as Keyword Research, which aims to identify keywords that best describe a specific topic, and Link Building, which links it to other related websites, can help fight Google Bombing from taking place. Instead of finding unrelated results when searching for a keyword (which, in this case, is Donald Trump), a user will find meaningful results that can actually be of help. Not only does this enable users to have a better experience, but it can also help avoid slandering people of influence across the world.

Through the use of proper keywords and legitimate links by SEO Specialists, you wouldn’t have to worry about people using your website to Google Bomb others, especially influential figures. Here at Silver Connect Web Design, we have a highly trained team of Search Engine Optimization Specialists who are ready to work and do all of that for you. We also offer other services that can help optimize your website through the use of ground-breaking techniques and dynamic graphic designs. With our affordable prices and top-notch quality of work, your website would be optimized in a matter of months. For more information about what we can offer our clients, you can visit our LEADING SOLUTIONS page to see all of the services that we provide. For questions and inquiries, you can navigate to our CONTACT US tab to leave us a message by filling out the form provided or you can reach us by using the information found on the page.

The Pageant of Websites: How Google Rewards Good Content and SEO for Websites


How Google Rewards Good Content and SEO for Websites

With the recent 2018 Miss Universe pageant, everyone’s just bursting to talk about the latest glamour shots of each contender. Fashion buffs and professionals also love to talk about how each contender stood out from the rest. But aside from looks, it’s also about what’s on the inside. Each of the contenders for the crown has had to go through a talent portion, as well as a Q&A portion to pick out their skills and smarts. And just like web design in Las Vegas, NV, simply looking good is not going to be enough. It’s also important to have good content.

The Judging

But who judges which content is worthy of being on the front page of Google? That’s right – it’s Google. Their robots (known as “Googlebots”) crawl each of the sites that are submitted, then Google’s algorithm analyzes content and determines the best answers to each query that users search for. Now that web design is becoming a more powerful advertising tool in Las Vegas, NV, it’s time to learn about how Google pays tribute to websites that are properly designed and optimized for search engines.

Just like the honored judges of any pageant, Google makes use of certain categories to make the race for Page 1 an equal and fair trial for all. Also, any website that wishes to get on Google’s top results must work closely with experts in search engine optimization (SEO) and web design to maximize their potential on Google’s search results.

Honest Work

Google prioritizes honest search engine optimization in websites based all over the world. This refers to “white-hat SEO”, or search engine optimization that improves the usability of a site. This includes web designs that load quickly and instantly show viewers where every important link is. White-hat SEO makes surfing the Internet easier for everyone, including Googlebots. If Googlebots find it easy to surf a certain page, then Google deems its design user-friendly and gives the page a higher ranking on SERPs.

Honest SEO also means not abusing Google’s system like using unrelated keywords or otherwise spamming other unrelated websites with links leading to one’s own website. This type of search engine optimization, known as black-hat SEO, clutters up Google’s database and ruins user experience. Thus Google punishes those using black-hat SEO by taking away any chance of getting on the first page.

Mobile Friendliness

Among the qualities that Google prioritizes is mobile-friendliness. This means that a website is easy to use on a mobile device, most especially phones. The clickable elements need to be large enough to be seen on a small screen, and the site itself needs to automatically restructure itself to fit a mobile screen. This ensures that only good quality websites that are easy to use get on the front page of Google.

High-Quality Content

Lastly, Google never takes good content out of the question. People who use Google find well-written content with the proper resources useful. Therefore, Googlebots and algorithm are programmed to tell when a website is easy to crawl and has good content.  Good content with the right relevant keywords makes a website easier to crawl and detect. This doesn’t necessarily mean more content; it can also mean content that is helpful to people browsing a site. Well-written content also incorporates keywords, specific words or phrases that correspond to queries searched for in Google and other search engines. If a website’s content contains a keyword such as “miss universe crowns”, any web user searching for “Miss Universe Crowns” will be able to find that website more quickly. Drawing from this example, the more quality content that Googlebots crawl on a website, the easier a site is to be found.

To get your website on the Magic 10 of Google’s first page through SEO and good content, get one of our web design experts at Silver Connect Web Design to work on your website. Whether you need a web design expert in Las Vegas, NV or elsewhere, we’ll be sure to turn your website into a winning piece! You can check out our previous projects in our PORTFOLIO. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through phone, or through our social media links found at the top of this page.

[Infographic] The Role of Colors in Web Design

Silver Connect Web Design is at the forefront of innovative web design. We incorporate solutions that boost your business’ exposure and authority over the internet. Our team utilizes various design techniques to attract more visitors to your site and encourage them to avail of your services and products. One way of achieving this is through the use of color integration. Read more about this simple yet highly effective web design principle down below

infographic about the role of colors in web design

Where Do Call Center Services Fit In Web Development Solutions?

call center service

A common misconception about call center agents and their services is that they only do one thing, and that is to pick up phones and recite a script to the caller. But in reality, they play a much bigger role than that. In fact, they play an important role in web development. But you might be thinking, web development is exclusive only to programmers. Web programming is a web programmer’s job. Web development, on the other hand, has more participants involved, and that includes call center agents. Now you might be asking, what is a call center agent’s role in web development? In order to answer that, we need to know what are the services that call center agents provide and how they fit in web development solutions.

  1. Virtual Office – Let’s say your business has gotten hugely popular and a lot of new customers are pouring in, but you are too busy to cater to all of your customers and need an extra set of hands. The dilemma here is that you would have to hire new employees and provide office supplies and a space where they can work. Doing this means that you would need to spend a lot of money. With outsourcing, you wouldn’t have to worry about hiring new employees and spending lots of money on office space and supplies. Call center agents can help you manage business transactions virtually which costs less.
  2. Customer Service – This is the role of a call center agent you might be familiar with. This is where call center agents do the ‘pick up phones and answer customer call’ thing. They provide web support to clients through calls, offering them solutions to issues that they may be having with your website or online services.
  3. Technical Support Service – Much like customer service, call center agents who work as technical support provide web solutions to customers but through non-voice channels such as chat or email. Issues and problems given by customers are then recorded by tech support for web development solutions in the future.
  4. Business to Business (B2B) Telemarketing – call center services also include telemarketing. This is where business to business telemarketing professionals represent you in front of your clients. They learn as much as they can about your business in order for them to present it to potential partners and clients.

Now you might be asking “what do these call center services have to do with web development solutions?” In order to come up with web solutions, the first things to know are the feedbacks or the problems that need to be fixed. Call center services such as the customer service, technical support service, and business to business telemarketing gather feedback, comments, suggestions, and issues regarding the business, the site, and its interaction with the clients. And with that, you may now be asking “where can I get these services?” The answer is Silver Connect Web Design, we offer superior products in terms of web development and call center services at a  lower cost. Know how to enhance your website’s popularity now! Give us a call at (713)474-1695 and (713)623-1082 during weekdays, and (443)451-1888 on weekends. Let us help you grow and manage your business the smart way.


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Keep It Going: Why SEO is a Long-time Commitment

Today, almost everything is possible online, especially for businesses. In this field, to be able to compete with others, you need to level up your efforts by taking your business online. And the easiest and most cost-effective way to do that is by creating a website for your business. However, having a website is just the beginning. Its after-care requires a lot of time, attention to details, and research. That’s why, these days, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming more and more popular due to the growing competition of businesses online.

Now, what does SEO really have anything to do with your business? You just wanted to keep rolling in the industry and get as many clients as you can. What can SEO do about that? Well, here’s a kicker: clients and customers, like most common Internet users, would always click on the first website that would appear in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page); or at least the first 5 or 10 links on Page 1. Get your website right at those places through SEO and voila! More sales will definitely come right at your doorstep.

That must be music to your ears, right? But first, what is SEO?

SEO is, technically, the process of driving traffic to your website. It is a process you do in order to outrank your competitors online. Sounds simple and easy? It’s hard to agree with that. SEO involves a lot of tasks to do, researches, knowledge about the different Google algorithm updates, and the ability to perform extensive analysis both on your website and the website of your competitors.

Still there? Great!

Maybe by this time, you could see that having your website optimized cannot be done overnight. It takes time to make your website rank number one and it takes even more time to maintain that ranking. Keep in mind that your competitors would also want to be on top. And with this constantly raging war over ranking high, you can say that the Web is literally a virtual battlefield for those living in the business world where SEO is the best armament that you can have in your arsenal in order to win this virtual battle. However, it’s not a one-shot-win-all strike. SEO must be a constant attack—a long-time commitment.

Now, the real question here is: why is SEO a long-time commitment if all you need to do is to “maintain” the website?

  • Strategic planning – this involves thorough planning regarding the different strategies that you must do in order to make your website rank higher. You also need to think of it in the long run, for example, the steps you need to do in the event that the rankings of your website go down.
  • Website/keyword analysis – one of the most important aspects of getting your website to rank is by selecting the appropriate keywords. Now this can either bring you up or drag you down, so you really have to be careful in selecting the keywords for your website.
  • Implementing the plan – the key to successful search engine optimization is to properly implement a good plan. No matter how good your keywords are if you do not have a good plan, at the end of the day, your website will be outranked by your competitors.
  • Google algorithm updates – Updates have a big impact on the ranking of websites. For some SEO specialists out there, Google is becoming more intelligent in differentiating spam sites. Because of that, all websites are being affected whenever Google releases an update. To be able to rank higher than your competitors, you must keep an eye out for those updates.
  • Constant monitoring – To be able to maintain your rank, you need to regularly monitor your website. What does this mean? In order for you to effectually track your website’s progress, you need to have the right knowledge regarding the necessary steps to be taken to see your rankings skyrocket up the SERP and keep it that way.

With all that said, you might be realizing now how tedious yet amazing SEO can be. But if you really want to invest in it, you have to get yourself ready for a long journey ahead. And if you really want your website to rank high and reel in many clients like you planned to, you have to be patient and trust our search engine optimization specialists at Silver Connect Web Design to give the best SEO efforts for your website.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us now at 713-474-1695 and let’s start making your business grow! At Silver Connect Web Design, we only want the best for you and your business!


Websites: Static and Dynamic

We at Silver Connect make it a mission to provide reliable and affordable website design and development services. Aside from being able to build your online presence from the ground up, we also offer other useful services such as search engine optimization (SEO), graphic design and call center services.

There are numerous benefits of getting a website up for whatever endeavor you might be pursuing—a civic group or a local business, all these organizations can benefit from having a website. The immediate advantages of having an online presence are a wider range of reach, increased connectivity and audience relations, and an economical platform for marketing. Our web development solutions are not only focused on getting you online, but improving your online presence as well.

What is there to consider in a website? There are a handful of factors: website design, mobile-friendliness, responsiveness, and more. For this blog post, we’ll be talking about the two basic types of websites: static and dynamic.

The Good Ol’ Static Website

Of the two, the static type is the simplest. It only involves the use of HTML and CSS in developing the pages, without the scripting that is typically found in dynamic sites. The only form of interactivity you can have with a static website is through hyperlinks—the blue underlined texts that when you click them, they open up a new page.

Cutting-edge and Modern: Dynamic

A dynamic website not only uses HTML and CSS to code, but also uses scripting in order to make your websites more interactive, organized, and centralized. Dynamic websites, an example of which are websites built with the WordPress platform, are very common nowadays thanks to the convenience it provides.

What is scripting?

Scripting is the use of server-side scripting language or web application framework such as PHP, ASP, JavaScript and Rails. Scripting makes websites more interactive, thus making them into “web applications” that include features such as searching, or organizing and managing on the side of the website owner. Essentially scripting makes the pages “share” code with each other. More on this later.

Advantages of Static Websites

Don’t get us wrong—we’re not saying that static websites are out-of-date and that they should be phased out. As simple as they are, they still come in handy nowadays and have benefits of their own.

Static websites are perfect for small projects that contain around 3-8 pages, due to them being easy to create and build. Static websites are also flexible—meaning website designers and developers can create a specific theme for each page in accordance to the content. Furthermore, in our case, if clients have any special requests in the site’s pages, they can be easily incorporated thanks to the ease of static. Generally, static websites are more affordable.

Advantages of Dynamic Websites

Dynamic websites on the other hand, thanks to the added capability with scripting, are more interactive and can make user experience more fun or engaging. Dynamic websites are organized and structured thanks to the code that is “shared” between pages—thus, all additional tweaking or revisions can be done in a centralized, efficient manner.

Dynamic websites also make possible what developers call “content management systems,” an interface which allows the site owner to add and organize data through a web-based series of administration pages. Imagine your own personal control panel for your whole site.

Work with Silver Connect’s web development solutions and, working together, we can figure out what type of site is best for your project. We have experience, reliability and expertise! Call us now through 713-474-1695.

Understanding which website packages best suit your website

Web development has become a tool often used in modern society. Gone are the days when businesses would have to rely on word of mouth for exposure. Nowadays, business and organizations rely on the internet to spread the word about their merchandise or services. The physical store has now transformed to fit virtual reality. But as with all establishments, the concept of business marketing remains, concepts such as visual impact and convenience still play a major part in attracting and entertaining customers. Now that we know how people are now using the internet as a means of expanding their businesses, the question that a business owner would ask is how. In order for one to enter into the online market, you have to make a virtual shop. That is where we come into play.

From Silver Connect Web Design, there are three major website packages you can avail of, all of which have their own set of advantages.

Starter website plan – The starter web plan is offered to organizations that are more informative in nature. Museums’ websites are some websites that do not require certain programs such as the integration of payment mediums i.e. carts and credit cards. These websites are usually made so that the visitor can do basic searching and interact to a certain degree, but overall, the setup is simple yet effective.

Enterprise CMS plan – The Enterprise CMS Package is the perfect option for a bigger type of business. Retailers can take advantage of this useful package.  EBay is an example of a website that utilizes similar package designs. In this package, the concept of online marketing implies providing your customers with the option to buy and use online carts for bulk and multiple orders.  The website will be developed to accommodate online transactions as well.

WordPress World CMS plan – This website package is often recommended for businesses that sell services instead of products. It is made without the integration of a direct marketing system. It is similar to that of the starter website plan in that it is informative. Establishments showcase their services along with evidences and information on how to avail of their services. Online transactions are usually not integrated in this type of package.

We are now in a day and age where the internet dominates the market. Being able to enter into the online market is a perfect way for your business to grow. But in order for you to do that, you would need the help of people who can design the site that will represent your business. If you are thinking of starting your own online shop or are planning to expand your business, we at Silver Connect Web Design can help you take those first steps. Our team of professionals is dedicated to make sure that your website gets good content, looks good, and performs optimally for your visitors. For more information on our website packages, you can visit our website at or you can contact (713) 474-1695 or (713) 623-1082, you can also send us an email through Start your online venture with Silver Connect today!

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Road to Better SEO: Tips for Driving Traffic to your Website

Modern businesses and organizations have long been relying heavily on their ability to discover new networks through exposure. With the rise of the internet, establishments nowadays have to compete with one another for that same exposure in a new field. Given that almost everything is linked to the internet nowadays, the question one faces is how people can find you and/or be driven to avail your services. That is where SEO comes into play.

SEO or search engine optimization can increase the exposure of the business online by linking, which connects both websites and users across the web. SEO helps develop both technical and creative elements to make a site more visible. With effective SEO campaigns, business establishments and organizations have a better chance to compete with the rest of the online market.

Let’s look at some quick tips to drive traffic to your site.

Good Content

Why is there a need for great content when it comes to SEO? Apart from boosting your SEO rankings, gaining more traffic for your website and making it more visible in every search engine, it’s also makes reading fun. How does one make great content? First, think of a catchy title. If you want your readers to read what you have to say, your title should be both noticeable and clickable. Second, write content that is simple and relatable with bits of humor here and there to entice your readers. If your content is bland and boring, very few people would even think of reading it up to the end.


The good usage of keywords leads to better traffic and eventually, to a better ranking in search engines. Keywords are used in finding something in the internet through search engines. If you want to make the content of your website more relevant, place keywords smartly and naturally, and avoid making “spammy” sounding content. Keywords play a very important role in SEO and help people discover your website. They are usually placed in the meta tags (title, description, keywords). Search engines rank websites according to the relevance of their content in relation to searcher intent, and the presence of keywords is one of the criteria in judging relevance.


2018 sees mobile devices growing fast as the top search drivers. For mobile optimization, ensure that a website navigates smoothly, and adjusts accordingly to the object that contains it. This is called a responsive web design. Make sure that the website is fully optimized to be mobile-friendly, this includes checking ease of navigation, content readability as well as other factors that might contribute to site bounce rate. In short, a website has to be easy to use for mobile users, so it can maximize traffic.

SEO is not only necessary in the online arena nowadays for businesses, it is also becoming the norm. From small start-ups to large chain enterprises, entrepreneurs are prioritizing smart SEO campaigns to up their online rankings. SEO is not only for businesses but also for organizations and even individuals who are trying to get more exposure online.

Silver Connect Web Design not only handles your needs in search engine optimization, but also in graphic design, web hosting and maintenance, and even complete website development with our comprehensive website packages. Stay tuned for more useful blog posts and infographics!

CLEAR – 5 Points of Social Media Networking

Silver Connect Web Design offers leading solutions that are guaranteed to maximize online presence, credibility and overall wow-factor for businesses and organizations, large or small! We offer call center services, complete website packages, search engine optimization services, graphic design, website development and web hosting and maintenance. You won’t be let down with the quality of our work, the commitment of our team, as well as how affordable our rates are. Maximize your online advertising and marketing now with our effective social media networking campaigns and strategies that are guaranteed to increase credibility and broaden your business’/organizations’ reach. Work with us now by filling out our contact form for an instant quote— best price guaranteed!

Social media networks and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are quickly becoming trends and commonplace in the daily living of people from every nation, culture and age. It can be alarming and enticing at the same time to witness the rate at which more and more people are starting to “need” social media. Alarming—because there is a growing dependency on social media and at times, it takes the place of actual personal socializing. Alarming— at how people can get so irritated when they can’t access wifi- and even when they are having lunch or dinner with friends or family, they are still glued to their wifi devices. Enticing—because with the amount of people using social media today, social interactions are becoming more and more public. This means what people talk about can be shared and/or tweeted. If people start talking about how great one specific product is, then that product is on its way to blowing up (figuratively, not literally). It can also bring world-wide attention to worth-while causes.

What are some benefits of social media marketing? We’ve come up with a handy acronym for you to easily carry with you whenever someone asks you the same question, or you have doubts if social media networking is helping you at all: CLEAR.



Unless you pay for your ads (you shouldn’t, if you’re working with good companies that can get you far with only organic results, ahem), social media networking costs virtually nothing. At the bare minimum, all you have to do is regularly post interesting and enticing content, build a good-looking profile and you’re good to go for the long run. It’s truly cost-effective because when done right, you’re reaching out to thousands upon thousands of possible clients. Of course, if you want a team of experts to make sure that every detail and aspect is covered, you’re going to have to shell out a bit of money—but that’ll be no problem when you start raking in all the benefits.


If you can somehow touch the hearts of the many people in the world of social media, you’re sure to stick around for some time. Brand loyalty can effectively be built with persistent, genuine engagement and interactions with your target market. Once you build a reputation for yourself, people will be chomping to know more about the what’s-up with you and your business.


Also known by some as conversions, known by most as business. You are absolutely, a hundred percent guaranteed better rates of engagement and business if you’ve built a great social media profile. It’s only common sense to see more sales and/or clients come in when you have more people talking about you.


Even if you aren’t able to do business, you’re getting the word out about yourself and that goes a long way. Increasing awareness of your brand opens a huge number of doors, and shower you with more opportunities.


Also known as feedback, or market insight. You get to know more about what your clients, target market and/or audience need or are looking for. Pay enough attention to this and you’ll be considered a diamond by most people online.


Cost-effectivity, loyalty, engagement, awareness and response are factors that are mutually interdependent of each other. Meaning, when there is progress in one aspect, everything else gets better along with it. Are you interested in maximizing each benefit for your business, start-up, or organization? We’d be more than happy to work with you with our leading social media networking campaigns. Work with us now by filling up our contact form for an instant quote!

Content, Content, Content! How Quality Answers get Quality Results

Silver Connect Web Design is an experienced, reliable and expert web design and development company that offers great workmanship in building visually and technically outstanding websites, all at extremely affordable rates. We consist of a committed, creative and multi-talented team that is capable of delivering leading solutions for all your web development needs from SEO to website hosting and maintenance.

Here’s one thing most search engine optimization-enthusiasts tend to forget: the primary role of a website and/or webpage is to effectively and efficiently answer their target market’s questions. For example—an auto-mechanic in the city of Tulsa in Oklahoma will have to find ways he or she can fully provide for the demands and needs of car owners, who are residing in Tulsa, that are in need of repair and/or automobile renovation. This ‘providing’ comes in the form of quality online content—such as easy-to-access landing pages offering relevant services and various answers to related questions. Excellent SERP ranking and online presence is achieved most often by webpages that contain great content, rather than webpages that are highly technically-optimized. In a sense, content beats code!

With the ushering of the New Year, major search engines like Google are bound to have many tweaks and configurations to their ranking algorithms. It’s incredibly important to stay on top of news and updates with a collection of expert websites. Some quality sources are: Moz, and Webmaster World. You also have our leading solutions, along with our very own SC headlines blog page, to help you stay abreast of the latest updates and developments regarding SEO.

But like most practices, it’s also important to always remember the basics. The reason why search engines were developed in the first place, way before all the widgets, paid results, ads, and various whatnots, was to cater to the queries and needs of the searchers in a convenient and efficient manner. This is exactly why Google is the #1 search engine to most, it has the ability to quickly deliver the most relevant answers to searcher questions 99% of the time. This is also exactly how you can get your website/webpage ranked. Remember: in a sense, content beats code.

You’ve probably gotten it by now, that quality content is key to high rankings. But how exactly do you create quality content? In simple words: put in the extra work in content creation and curation, and think from the perspective of the search engine user.

First off. About content creation and curation. A few notable articles have popped up in the past saying that search engine algorithms, particularly those of Google, prefer articles with lengthier copies. It’s sad today to see webpages create lengthy content for length’s sake. Listen up people, the reason why Google gives more juice to webpages that have longer content is because it supposes that that content is highly-detailed and can provide the searcher with effective answers on their topic in question. Actually, ‘longer’ is a word most experts and SEO gurus would hesitate to use. ‘Detailed’ is a better word. ‘Longer’ can imply spammy, repetitive, fluffed-up content. ‘Detailed’ is good. It answers searcher questions with depth and range, and provides them with additional resources to learn more about the topic. This is ideal. Why? Because great content effectively answers searcher questions.

Second is to think from the perspective of the searcher. You’ve got to find your niche—you’ve got to figure out the specific audience or target market you’d like to cater to, and then hit them hard and consistently. Not literally—of course. How does one do this? Two ways. First is through keyword search. Keyword search is extremely important in order to figure out exactly what your market is looking for. Spend lots of your time doing this, as this gives you the extra edge against your competitors. Second way is common sense. Just have a sit-down with your team (or by yourself, if that’s how you prefer to work) and think about “Who is the user?” “What kind of content should I make?” and “What platform will I deliver my content through?” Once you’ve ironed these few things out more ideas will come to flow and you’ll have a relatively clearer picture of how to play the game better.

Remember to stick to the basics! Make sure you’re making great-quality content that answers searcher intent versus spammy and long-for-long’s-sake documents. This is the first step. Once you have great content up and posted, contact Silver Connect Web Design to take you the extra mile. Avail of our great and affordable web development packages!