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Hosting and Maintenance Web Hosting and Website Maintenance

A website cannot exist without a web server. Owning a web server requires expertise most businesses don’t have. Web hosting companies provide equipment and other technical resources. Web hosting is an online storage service for websites, images, videos, and any content accessible through the web on internet servers. Web hosting shows your website content to visitors when your domain name is typed or when your website appears in the search results.

Silver Connect Web Design provides clients with a reliable cost efficient web hosting solution. Our hosting packages include generous amounts of disk storage, data transfer, FTP accounts, e-mailboxes, sub-domains and directory pointers. You’ll get secure reliable web hosting service with 99.9% uptime, scripting and database functionality. Website traffic is reported through Analytics™.

We offer the following web hosting and website maintenance packages:

Basic Hosting – $9.95
» Hosting only for static websites. *Does not include unlimited revisions.

» Hosting only for E-Commerce and/or dynamic-driven websites. *Does not include unlimited revisions.

» Hosting and unlimited revisions to static websites.

» Hosting and unlimited revisions for E-Commerce websites.
» Does not include unlimited revisions for product database.