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Inbound Link

An inbound link is a type of link to a certain site or web page that comes from an external site. If website A, for example, would link to website B, it would be an inbound link for website B’s side and vice versa.


This is the term for the database of a search engine storing information of the different websites found by that search engine.

Internal Link

It is a hyperlink in a webpage that leads to a different file or webpage of the currently viewed website; the link does not lead to a location outside the current website.

IP Address

Also known as IP or Internet Protocol Address, an IP Address is a unique set of numbers that allows a user’s device to be recognized on the Internet or a specific network. There are two types of IP Address, namely:

  • Shared – Also known as Virtual Hosting, a shared IP means that multiple websites share the same address.
  • Dedicated – A dedicated IP means that a specific website has a unique address that is not used by other websites.