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Call Center Services Our costumers are always provided with a positive experience in Our Call Center Department as we implement customer friendly methods.

Virtual Office

Virtual offices are more convenient and cost effective than traditional offices. Our virtual office guarantees you the highest degree of service. You will save not only time and money but you will also gain flexibility in making your company more productive.

We have a combined mailing address, telephone number, and a virtual receptionist to help in getting your business felt. Our virtual office delivers data entry, accounting, and corporate secretarial services. We also provide a business address, email, fax, and phone answering services. Our virtual office environment enables a close yet professional relationship with clients to run business efficiently using our cutting edge online communication technologies.

Customer Service

Silver Connect Web Design skilled customer service professionals provide the best call center services in English, Spanish, and other languages. Using modern technologies such as online live chat solutions and high tech telecommunication tools, our call center experts are prepared to deal with customers who have varied concerns. From handling general inquiries to objections and complaints, our professional agents will straighten out any dilemma.

We have customer support representatives who have passed through rigid training where their soft skills are enhanced. Their problem solving abilities are honed to help them perform a variety of tasks. They deliver prompt and accurate information to customers and maintain the highest ethical standards. They have long been exposed to the call center industry so they know the importance of customer satisfaction, proper handling of call time, and professional delivery of customer service.

Technical Support Service

We also deliver non voice customer support services using a wide range of communication channels such as chat, internal messaging system (IMS), and email. Silver Connect Web Design technical support team renders 24/7 technical assistance.  Just like our customer service representatives, our technical support experts have gone through rigorous training on how to assist customers with their different concerns.

Business to Business (B2B) Telemarketing

We have a team of experienced business-to-business telemarketing professionals who are resourceful and innovative in representing our clients. We engage in down to earth conversations with prospects to determine their interests, time frames, and other concerns.

Before we start a telemarketing program, we take time to learn about our clients and see what sets them apart from their competitors. We also carefully study the clients’ products and services and how these can benefit their prospects. Then, we analyze the consumer profile to determine our target market. We consolidate all data to create a presentation that suits each customer profile.

We believe that these processes of innovation and evaluation are the best ways of connecting to prospects for strategic advantage. These enable us to confidently and effectively represent our clients. Trust us in our expertise and we will build your brand equity with each customer point of contact and transform service to sales.

Call List and Lead Generation

We are excellent in call list generation and other forms of lead generation. We create reports for specific business partners and target groups. Using the call list distribution, we assign the call list to relevant telesales agents. We create consumer interest into your company’s products and services. We deliver high quality leads to our clients. Rest assured that your company will increase its profitability with our customer focused and results driven agents.

Legal Process Outsourcing in the Philippines

With the growing global competition in almost every trade and industry, outsourcing has increasingly become popular. More recently, we see a similar direction being taken in the legal industry – a shift in the mode of delivery for legal services – outsourcing support functions from secretarial tasks to paralegal works, and now expanding horizons to real legal duties! Read More

Michael Attias

As an entrepreneur, you really need to stay on top of things when starting, running and growing your business. Which is why I am glad to have Silver Connect and its proficient virtual assistants on my team. We are using them for two critical functions; finding qualified prospects and handling email support for our clients. Dollar for dollar they are a bargain. The entire team is easy to work with and are willing, ready and able to help us scale as needed. If you need to outsource any services, do it. Just make sure to find a company that offers excellent results like Silver Connect.

Ruben Mier

Sr. Director, Marketing

We have worked with Silver Connect for the better part of two years now and have experienced nothing but the highest quality of excellence from their services. Their team is highly responsive and has exceeded all of my expectations in both quality and speed of output. I would highly recommend Silver Connect to any enterprise in need of support with any project. Their level of professionalism, kindness, and flexibility is world class. They will accommodate for all of your business needs and go above and beyond to deliver the best results in the shortest amount of time.