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11 Jul

A Website with No Design is a Sign of No Business

Today the internet plays a major role in our everyday lives, all becoming possible since the creation of Social Media Providers. Now these social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Skype and other popularly known Social medias, our personal life were dramatically affected and of course business flourished exponentially since then. Because of the endless flow of […]

09 Jul

Take your SEO career to the next level whenever, wherever!

While nearly 75% of users prefer a mobile-friendly site, 96% of consumers say they’ve encountered sites that were clearly not designed for mobile devices. This is both a big problem and a big opportunity for companies seeking to engage with mobile users. Due to the creation of smart phones, gadgets and alike that supports internet […]

01 Jul

Important Maintenance To-Do List

For anything to last, especially things such as machines or websites that took effort to create, maintenance plays an integral part in making sure it lasts for as long as it is desired. By maintenance it is understood as a regularly scheduled and routine maintenance. This ensures that the whole website is working optimally and […]

28 Jun

Overcoming a Web Designer’s Block

Creativity usually is here at one moment and gone another, especially for those in an artistic field such as web graphic designs. As graphic designers are asked to create unique and custom designs for clients, there will come a time where they hit a web designer’s block. Here are some helpful tips in overcoming said […]

26 Jun

What is Web Hosting For?

In a nut shell, web developers provide web hosting as means to launch the website into the web so that anyone can access it. There are many services that fall under web hosting which most web development companies offer to their clients. Usually, it is easier to define and understand the term “web hosting” when […]

21 Jun

Clearing Up the Misunderstandings of What SEO Is and Does

All who have encountered the term SEO understand that it stands for “search engine optimization”. Web development industries describe this as the optimization of web pages so that search engines will award pages higher ranking when a keyword based search is done by a user. SEO is a big part of web maintenance as it […]

19 Jun

Tips That Get Visitors to Push Web Page Buttons

In most consoles or apparatus, there are colorful lights and buttons. When any person sees this, they can’t help but be curious what these lights and buttons are for. Some go as far as finding out by mischievously pushing these buttons. Normally, this wouldn’t be a good idea. It is this basic human characteristic that […]

17 Jun

“If it wasn’t for my color blindness, I would have liked your website…probably”

It is a basic fact that color blindness affects a substantial amount of people. There are many studies that show just how much. One study shows that about 1 out of 10 people are color blind. Another says about 5% of any given population is color blind. No matter the statistics number, it is still […]

27 May

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Perfect Web Designer

Web designing is a lucrative profession. It is an excellent career path for young professionals who want to venture out into the World Wide Web industry. There are thousands of people who call themselves web designers. But do not get confused. Selecting the best web designer for your business is very easy if you follow […]

24 May

What are Advantages and Disadvantages of DIY Web Designing?

Web designing constitutes various skills in the production and maintenance of websites. This includes web graphic design, interface design, user experience design, and search engine optimization. Web designers work in teams to cover different aspects of the design process, although some designers cover all of them. Do it Yourself or DIY web designing is becoming […]