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16 Feb

CLEAR – 5 Points of Social Media Networking

Silver Connect Web Design offers leading solutions that are guaranteed to maximize online presence, credibility and overall wow-factor for businesses and organizations, large or small! We offer call center services, complete website packages, search engine optimization services, graphic design, website development and web hosting and maintenance. You won’t be let down with the quality of […]

02 Feb

Content, Content, Content! How Quality Answers get Quality Results

Silver Connect Web Design is an experienced, reliable and expert web design and development company that offers great workmanship in building visually and technically outstanding websites, all at extremely affordable rates. We consist of a committed, creative and multi-talented team that is capable of delivering leading solutions for all your web development needs from SEO […]

22 Jan

SEO at a Glance (literally)

Silver Connect Web Design is host to a team of reliable, experienced and adaptable SEO professionals who are dedicated to high-quality of work and continuous improvement and innovation in the practice of search engine optimization. We promise our clients only the best results when it comes to SEO marketing, and we are able to deliver […]

20 Dec

Easy Tips To Improve Your Website Design For 2018

The digital world is only becoming more integrated into the daily lives of people. Internet accessibility is becoming less and less of a problem and more of a priority in societies. We can observe the digitalization of different services, from incredibly important ones like education and government transactions, to commercial services like construction and cleaning.  […]

13 Nov

“Hawk” Swoops Down: How Googles New Local Search Algorithm Changed and So Shall We

Talk the Hawk Columnist Joy Hawkins (2017) recently posted an article introducing the most recent Google algorithm update, which she dubbed ‘Hawk’. The coinage illustrates how the shift swooped down and caught many unprepared—particularly the community of local business website owners. Articles describe Hawk as a game changer for local business industry. So what is […]

08 Sep

Will Users Click Your Site Over Another? SEO and the Basics of Clicking Behavior

To a great extent, SEO companies have invested time and energy exploring the technical facets of website optimization through link building, key word optimization, technical writing, and so on. While these are at the heart of the matter, other areas for improvement have to be explored too. Notably, SEO people rarely spend time analyzing users’ […]

17 Apr

Sudden Drop in Rankings? Here are the Possible Reasons

Imagine if one day, as you are checking your website’s rankings, they are nowhere to be found – your rankings are totally gone!! It’s a total nightmare, and I bet you would be wracking your brains trying to figure out what you did wrong!! It can be devastating to lose your hard-earned rankings, but if […]

20 Mar

SEO Strategies That Help you Rank this 2017

Trends in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry is ever changing. One strategy may help you today but may not be as effective tomorrow. You may have spent a lot of time getting the hang of a certain approach, but it may no longer be useful after a search engine update. You may have been […]

17 Aug

#WomenWednesday: Social Media Marketing

  As a way of giving back to our audience who are actively participating in our social media pages, we invited two of these influential women to share their thoughts about social media networking and marketing. Both of these women are running their own enterprises so you will definitely pick up something really valuable from […]

28 Apr

Website vs. Social Media: What Must Businesses Prioritize?

    Small business. Startups. We know that being a new player in a market can be really hard especially if the niche is highly competitive. Venturing into the business world is not something that should be taken lightly. As a small business, you need to prove to everyone that you can deliver – that […]