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About Us About Us Our Services We Provide for Small and Big Business Clients

For Website Development and Call Center Services, Silver Connect Web Design delivers a superior product at lower cost.

Silver Connect Web Design started its humble beginning as a small scale web development company. Because of its passionate founders, managers, and dedicated staff, the company grew offering other services such as call center services, search engine optimization (SEO), website hosting, and custom graphic designs.

After a few years of being in the business, Silver Connect Web Design is now a leading company in web development solutions, search engine marketing and hosting!

Silver Connect Web Design is more than willing to work with all kinds of clients. Whether they are budding entrepreneurs or famous tycoons, the company will always exceed their expectations through their excellent services at budget friendly costs.

Our Services Our Services We Provide for Small and Big Business Clients

Call Center Services

Our Call Center Department provides customers positive experiences and implements customer friendly methods.  Our dedicated …

Graphics Design

Our talented graphic designers will remodel your websites to attract more viewers.  Uniquely designed websites …

SEO Marketing

Our SEO Marketing Department will help you and your business become successful in an instant. …

Website Development

We ensure to provide valuable website solutions designed to serve your specific needs.  Lessen your …

Hosting and Maintenance

We provide reliable and cost efficient web hosting solutions to keep your website accessible. Our …

Our Founders

Bruce Silverman CEO, Co-founder, Co-Owner

An expert in every facet of Direct Selling. Rely on Bruce to create a lead generation program guaranteed to increase your sales. He demands that all issues related to hiring, training and supervision of Call Center Associates revolve around the principle of how best to serve the client.

This exceptional standard of Customer Service has resulted in explosive growth for our company. Formerly an Art Dealer, Bruce inspires our Web Design Team to produce a customized visually effective presentation sure to attract customers to your online storefront.