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Bread Crumbs

These are links that show users the trail or path they have gone through from the website’s homepage to the web page they are currently viewing; usually found at the top of the web page.

Broken Link

A link that does not work for whatever reason, such as incorrect characters within the link or expired domain.

Broken Link Building

A link-creating method that starts by finding broken links before making new working links and cloning the broken links’ contents into them.

Branded Keyword

These are words used to find results in search engine usually containing a brand name or a company name e.g “Samsung most popular smartphone 2018”.

Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors who enter a website and leave immediately without visiting its other pages. This is a tracking tool to differentiate web surfers who accessed a website by mistake from people who intend on visiting the same website. According to Google, a website’s Bounce Rate is not a direct ranking factor even if it can indicate possible problems such as content or website issues.


It is a device or software that can perform simple tasks online automatically or with very little human influence such as initiating searches online or collecting data; originated from the word “robot”.


This is published content sorted in chronological order. This is usually content created by a website, for that website. The name comes from its older term, web logs.

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Blog comment spam

Refers to a type of link building where comments usually found at the bottom of the blog are intentionally left to provide links that are irrelevant to a blog content. Though most are software generated, some blog comment spamming are done by people. It is highly discouraged for optimizers to practice this type of linking.


A result of black hat SEO, this is when a search engine refuses to list a certain site. This obliterates any chances of people seeing a certain website on SERPs. To avoid this, good, carefully planned, white hat SEO is recommended.

Black Hat

This refers to a method of SEO that does not respect Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. This may involve tactics such as keyword stuffing, spamming, and the like. Google penalizes those that engage in Black Hat SEO by dropping their rankings.

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